How to Awaken a Dead & Unregenerate Church

In this brief video, Dr. Steve Lawson shares how to awaken a dead and unregenerate church. Church leaders need to be fully assured that they indeed have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and then they need to give consideration to the message they declare to every person who enters their places of worship.

3 thoughts on “How to Awaken a Dead & Unregenerate Church

  1. Too many people play church and think they are Christians but have never even be told of the cost of being His disciple, let alone embraced it. What would happen if a terrorist came into any of the churches today and held a gun someone’s head and told them to deny Christ or die? Most would take the easy way out because Christ isn’t worth that much to them. The saints would land have given all for Him, so dying isn’t that big of a deal.


  2. Your comment is true and brings great sadness to my heart. If a person would be willing to automatically take an easy way out because Christ is not worth much to them, then the Bible is clear that such a person has not become a new creation in Christ.

    The older I become, the less I fear dying. I look forward to eternity no matter in what manner Christ chooses to take me to be with Him. Yes, I would prefer not to suffer horribly, but oh the joy of seeing the face of Christ when we walk from these Shadowlands into that Day which shall never end and where the sun is not needed because Christ is the Light.

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  3. Totally agree with your brother. Some have asked down through the years, “What will we do in heaven for eternity?” Personally I don’t care. As long as I’m in heaven with Jesus Christ, that’s all I care about. That will be heaven for me.


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