Kneel to God Alone

As true believers, we kneel before God alone. He alone is worthy of our worship, our honor, and the One we seek when we need to ask forgiveness.

The world can demand all they want, but our allegiance is to the King of Kings.

In case, you have forgotten today with all that is happening, then Behold Our God!

6 thoughts on “Kneel to God Alone

  1. 150 years later we are now in the throes of a COLD Civil War.
    This isn’t another protest that will simply fade away.
    One of the reasons general Grant won so many battles is he kept attacking the enemy without let up or retreating.
    This is a winner takes all pitched battle with the forces of darkness.
    Nikita Khrushchev revealed the plan decades ago, ” We will bury you from within “. Our liberty has been used against us.
    Humanism atheism Communism all seek each mans best life now. Remove every obstacle to individual happiness in this life.
    They have no regard for the after life.
    No regard for judgment day.
    No desire to glorify God in this life or the next.
    Christians are standing in their way.
    They won’t stop until we are hiding in the closet.

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  2. At one point, even the hardest criminal would have feared God to a certain degree. It was a terrible thing to do to rip a Bible to pieces. Now, even your next door neighbor has no fear of God. Even the best Christian fears God little. Oh how times have changed. And it will only get worse.


  3. T.I., I believe you are correct. The Bible is clear that this is a battle between the forces of God and the forces of evil. It will not get better, but will continue to decline – even at times, it will decline rapidly like what we are seeing right now.

    However, I am so thankful that no matter what laws are put in place by corrupt individuals or governments that the church of Jesus Christ will always prevail.


  4. Very true. I read a quote one time saying the morals of the average sinner a hundred years ago are better than the average Christian of today. To that point anyway. I also remember that sailors were given New Testaments when they went on their voyages. You would be thrown into prison today if you tried that. The fear of an ever watching God has all but disappeared. Even the devils fear God and tremble. How bad are we anyway?!


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