The Gospel of Isaiah

Since this blog is going away, this is a PSA.

My intention is to publish my commentary on Isaiah in a book, paper and digital.

Basic outline for my Gospel in Isaiah book is taken from the HCSB Study Bible, show below. Within each section are several chapters, titled by me as I studied.

I. Rebuke and Promise from YHWH

II. The Promise of Immanuel

III. Judgment on the Nations

IV. Judgment and Promise, Part 1

V. Woes on Unbelieving Israel

VII. Judgment and Promise, Part 2

VIII. Comfort for Spiritual Israel

This book is not a commentary on Isaiah, filled with word studies and detailed exegesis of the text; although it does have a few word studies and some exegesis of the text. It’s not a devotional, full of personal application exhortations; although it does have some personal application and exhortations. This book, the Gospel in Isaiah, is a thematic walk through Isaiah, focusing on the dual vision of God’s punishment and redemption of His earthly, time-bound covenant people and the contrast with the persecution by the world and God’s redemption of His spiritual, eternal covenant people provided by the promised seed, the Lord Jesus. While not every phrase in the Bible is about Jesus, the whole Bible is. May we seek to see Him more clearly.

Plans are for a preacher friend to write a forward and then I will prepare it for publication, keeping the prices as low as possible.

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