What’s the Significance of the Lord’s Supper?

As with baptism, there is much more meaning in this ordinance than what meets the eye. Every time weLords-Supper are given the blessed opportunity to be nourished spiritually with this ordinance, how it represents the broken body and shed blood of Christ, which cut the New Covenant and in which we have our adoption as sons of the Living God. This description is right and it is a main point we supposed to gain from observing this ordinance. We will examine these truths – but there is another aspect that I think will add a deeper appreciation and greater holy awe of our Lord and Savior. We read from 1 Cor 11 each week, but the establishment of this ordinance is also found in Matthew 26, Mark 14, and Luke 22. This is an important means God has given us, we must diligently inquire of His Word what it means and how we are to practice it. 

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My Recent Absence!

In a nutshell, the last month has seen the evil one completely decimate the already small congregation which I pastor.  Freemasonry reared its ugly, Luciferian head within our midst.  Some in our church preferred the ungodly, worldly alliances instead of the covenant they made with God’s people.  Instead of making things right with the Lord and forsaking the wicked connections they had probably unwittingly made years ago, they chose to start calling others within the congregation.

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