The Pastor and Conflict Resolution

Here is the third in a series on Pastoral Theology from Reformed Baptist Seminary. This message is from Donny Martin. Who of us, especially in church leadership, has not had to deal with conflicts in a local church setting? In this video, Pastor Martin approaches this teaching session from the aspect of dealing with conflict resolution by and because of the gospel. As he states right from the beginning, “The gospel brings the greatest conflict resolution vertically and horizontally in our lives. The reality is that there is the common and painful reality of life in a fallen world.”

Our prayer is that it will be both an encouragement to pastors or future pastors and even to those who serve in other aspects of ministry but not necessarily leadership roles.

The Pastoral Office

I would like to put up an excellent series from the Reformed Baptist Seminary. This first video lecture comes from Bob Selph. I believe that every person who aspires to the ministry should listen to this series. Please enjoy and may the Lord be glorified in each of our ministries.