Murder! She Cried

Romans 1:28-32 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

With everything that went on around the inauguration of the 45th president, Donald Trump, it’s ironic that we have women who were so concerned about murder that they would actually do a march shortly after he became president.

The irony is not that someone would do a march against murder. That is something we would expect out of a country like America. We are, after all, a moral country…aren’t we? Who would think that murder would be something to march for instead of against? What person in their right mind would encourage others to murder and even demand others do the same? Wasn’t the government put in charge to make sure evil doers are punished for their sin instead of rewarded for sin?

Of course, the law is that we can’t murder just anyone. If you went out to murder someone there would be an outcry of protestation and outrage. The police would look for the murderer and they would probably get many years and possibly even life in prison, if not the death penalty.

The irony is that these women were doing a march FOR murder…murdering the babies in their womb.

Of course, these little lives aren’t anyone special. They are only bits of tissue in the womb that are nothing until they come out of the womb. How can we claim them to be anything but tissue? After all, they aren’t viable outside of the womb so they are meaningless to our life. Besides, they are in my way of everything I want to do. They are a responsibility I don’t want to take on because I have a life to live.

My life is more important than this baby in my womb. You know, I don’t care if this baby is dismembered, I don’t care if this baby dies a horrible and obscure death, I don’t care about anything but my life and what I can get out of it. My life is more important. It doesn’t matter that it takes both a male and female to bring a life about. This is my body and this alien object is in my body so I will do whatever it takes to get rid of this creature that has invaded me.


Shhhhhh!!! We don’t want to make it sound too harsh lest someone is offended by what we’ve said.

Ironically, the law has allowed for murder to take place…murder of the most innocent of our kind. Of course, they won’t say the actual word, murder, but pro choice means murder. I won’t even bother mentioning the possibility of those who could have been our doctors, lawyers, preachers, etc.. Yet, this isn’t even the most important fact of these little ones who are being murdered daily. The very children who are our future generations are being offered on the altar of convenience.

What a backwards world in which we live. We have women who are supposed to have the mothering instinct within their hearts and yet they are demanding they be allowed to murder their babies. This is so contrary to what God has placed within the woman that it defies believability. It is also unbelievable that there are some who would claim the name of Christ and be in total agreement that the murder of an unborn baby is totally ok. It seems like this day and age is a cry for murdering the babies.

Will we cry to the Lord for the lives of these little ones who have done nothing wrong to deserve the murder and dismemberment? Taking a stand is good and right but we also have a responsibility to pray. May our hearts cry out to the Lord for the least among us and may we speak forth the truth of His Word to a generation of people who hate God.

Psalm 94:3-8. LORD, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked triumph? How long shall they utter and speak hard things? and all the workers of iniquity boast themselves? They break in pieces thy people, O LORD, and afflict thine heritage. They slay the widow and the stranger, and murder the fatherless. Yet they say, The LORD shall not see, neither shall the God of Jacob regard it. Understand, ye brutish among the people: and ye fools, when will ye be wise?

Oops – Murdered the Wrong Baby!

From the British Broadcasting Network

An Australian hospital has launched an inquiry after staff treating a woman carrying twin boys accidentally terminated the wrong foetus.

Doctors had told the woman that one of her babies had a congenital heart defect that would require numerous operations, if he survived.

The woman chose to abort the 32-week foetus but staff injected the wrong twin.

The hospital in Melbourne described it as a “terrible tragedy”.

“The Royal Women’s Hospital can confirm a distressing clinical accident occurred on Tuesday,” it said in a statement.

“We are conducting a full investigation and continue to offer the family and affected staff every support.”

The woman went on to have an emergency caesarean to end the life of the sick foetus.

Doll replicas of a 26 and 32 week old baby born premature.

HT: Picture from God’s Little Ones.

Waking up on Thanksgiving morning here in America, we had a lot to be thankful for in our home. Preparing to spend some time with my wife’s folks, we finished some last minute items before leaving out the door. One of the last minute items was a quick check of the news. It produced a shock for which I was not prepared.

The above quote from the BBC News says everything about the state of this world that we need to know. It is totally depraved and wants nothing to do with the truth, which means it wants nothing to do with God for God IS truth.

As I read the article, my mind shifted from shock to anger at the callousness of individuals, of doctors, and of the healthcare industry in general. This is NOT to say that there are no believers who maintain the highest levels of integrity for there are many. There are also many who maintain that integrity because they are a new creation in Christ Jesus. The old things have passed away (namely, the thinking that murder of an unborn baby is acceptable) and all things have become new (namely, that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and that a baby is a baby from the moment of conception).

The amazing part is that the world does not, cannot, and deliberately chooses not to acknowledge the incongruity of the news article above. First, at 32 weeks, many babies have been born and gone on to live normal lives. Second, we need to understand that just because a doctor chooses to rip a baby out of its life support system does not mean it is not viable and therefore should be categorized as just fetal tissue. Third, the parents are told the baby would require many operations – if he survived. There was no guarantee the baby would survive, but there was no certainty the baby would die either! There are many who have had heart defects and also gone on to live regular lives.

So, the solution – abort MURDER the little baby who is just weeks away from birth. The woman is in the 5th week of her third trimester! A God-given heritage and gift growing inside the comfort and safety of a God-given womb then finds itself being injected with a medical solution in order to end its life!

“Oops,” says the hospital to the parents, “We aborted MURDERED your healthy baby. This is a terrible tragedy. It is acceptable by law to abort MURDER the unhealthy baby, but to abort MURDER the healthy baby is just a shocking, distressing, and tragic at best!”

The hospital promises that they are going to launch a full inquiry into how the WRONG baby could be aborted MURDERED! The mother went on to have an emergency C-section in order for the CORRECT baby to be aborted MURDERED! How utterly heart-breaking!

Psalm 94:1-3, “O LORD God, to whom vengeance belongeth; O God, to whom vengeance belongeth, shew thyself. Lift up thyself, thou judge of the earth: render a reward to the proud. LORD, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked triumph?