“You need to come in tomorrow for your abortion”

4D ultrasound

Eccelsiastes 11:5As you do not know what is the way of the wind,
or how the bones grow in the womb of her who is with child,
so you do not know the works of God who makes everything.

Imagine if your young child was involved in a car wreck, suffered some brain damage. Her mental capacities would be diminshed, she would have to be put in special education, she would probably not go to college, and in fact she would probably live only a few more years. Now, imagine the doctor told you, “You’ll need to come in tomorrow to schedule a date when we can put her to sleep.” Like she was a dog. (Or a fetus, since in the eyes of a pro-death/pro-abortion-rights supporter, there really is no difference between a dog and a fetus. Other then the fact they give more rights to the dog and think the dog is more important than the fetus.).

How would you react if your doctor told you that they needed to put your child to sleep, simply because she wouldn’t live more than a few years, and would require more attention that you anticipated? Imagine the shock you would feel when your doctor told you that. And yet, when a doctor tells a set of parents that their child has all the markers of having Down Syndrome, the first thing out of the doctor’s mouth is “You need to come in tomorrow for your abortion.”

Now, try and imagine the shock felt by the mother (who wrote this loving tribute to her daughter) when her doctor told her that she should come in the next day to put her child down. Like a dog. (Hat Tip: Dan Phillips @ Biblical Christianity):

This month marks a strange anniversary of sorts for me. It was 2 years ago this month that I was sitting in a chair looking at my unborn baby in 4D. She was precious! We had previously found out that our baby had several “markers” for down syndrome and had enlarged kidneys which may have required surgery upon birth. Thus we were monitored more carefully and had a ton more ultrasound shots at a hospital. This was the first level 3 ultrasound with this pregnancy (I had had one with my 3rd with no problems). I got to gaze upon my baby for almost a full hour – it was wonderful! I was there alone as my husband was out of town. The specialist doctor called me in after the ultrasound to go over the findings. The first words out of his mouth to me were “Well you will have to come in tomorrow for your abortion because of how far along you are.” I was utterly shocked and devastated. All I could do was mutter “What??????” He then proceeded to tell me that my baby had more “markers” for down syndrome and it didn’t look good. I was more shocked that his automatic assumption was that I would abort my baby. I almost couldn’t comprehend what he was telling me in that office. All I wanted to do was run as far away from that man as possible.

[Emphases mine]

But, this mother, showing more sense than a “doctor”, proves that a man without the wisdom of God is a fool. If she had listened to this man’s foolish talk, she would have allowed them to butcher her baby and throw it in the trash to be dumped in a landfill somewhere. Like a dog. But, again, this is a woman who understands that God is Almighty, sovereign over all, the author and creator of life, and that man, with all of his weak, feeble, finite “wisdom,” is just a foolish creature:

Our fourth daughter was born in August with no physical problems. Her kidneys were fine and she did not have Down syndrome. What my heart went through in the months of not knowing I hope and pray will never leave me.

1st Corinthians 1:25, 27The foolishness of God is wiser than men,
and the weakness of God is stronger than men…
God has chosen the foolish things of the world
to put to shame the wise,
and God has chosen the weak things of the world
to put to shame the things which are mighty.