There really are only two religions

The religion of God, and the religion of Satan. There may be 80,000 religions other than Christianity. But really, they are ONE religion–the religion of man’s ability to save himself (or, really, his lack of ability).

Found the following video over at Symphony of Scripture. John MacArthur explains it much better than I ever could (so what else is new?)

7 thoughts on “There really are only two religions

  1. What a great video except for one thing. I am curious as to why John includes Roman Catholicism in the lists of “religions of man.” I think that that is a dangerous path to tread upon. It is always dangerous to demonize a whole denomination. Just as there are apostate Catholics there are also apostates in the Reformed community. But that doesn’t make either Catholicism or Reformed theology a “religion of man.” Just some thoughts….


  2. Grant,

    Because Roman Catholicism is a religion of man. It is based squarely on the foundation of “salvation by works.” It starts with “baptismal regeneration,” whereby a person is declared “saved” is they get baptized. But in order to “remain saved” you have to do enough “good works” to be considered “worthy” of your salvation. Plus, one can never know if they are saved, no matter how many “good works” you do. Add to this the fact that they interpret Scripture according to their “traditions” rather than interpreting their traditions according to Scripture.

    I could talk about their worship and idolizing of Mary (they call it “veneration,” God calls it idolatry), but I won’t. On my other blog, I have posted a message I did on Peter (here and here), showing how they are wrong biblically if you would like to read them. I will be posting a message about Mary over at my blog starting tomorrow.


  3. Pilgrim,

    I won’t be posting it over here, I’ll only be putting it on my own blog, as it is quite lengthy. When I do put it up, I may post a link to it. (Actually, I was going to it a while back, but apparently I never did. ugh.)


  4. Great sermon by John MacArthur. May the Lord raise up more men, to exposit His Word as written and boldly proclaim the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Thanks for posting this.


  5. fourpointer,
    Thanks for sharing the video. I truly enjoy this blog, it’s a blessing to me everyday. Keep up the good work.


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