Costing Everything

We have used this video before about 3 years ago, but I feel compelled to share it again. Our family watched “God’s Not Dead 2” last night and found it to be a blessing. However, one aspect that stood out to me is the reality that persecution is coming, and it is coming sooner than we hope and think that it will come. To follow after Christ though requires that we are willing to understand that ultimately it will cost us everything.

Why I Love Jesus But Reject Islam

I ran across this while reading on James White’s web site. I pray it is encouraging to you, my brother or sister in Christ; and that it might provoke a lost sheep to consider the God-Man, Jesus – Who is the Christ.

In response to Kamal Saleh’s video found here:

James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries ( teamed up with Ivey Conerly ( ) to produce a Christian response. Our hope and prayer is that the message of the Gospel will be clearly presented to all who watch this video, but especially to Muslims who are led to listen and consider our words.

A written response to Kamal’s video can be found here:

A 52 minute video response, point by point, can be found here:

My sincere thanks to Ivey and Marcus for their great work. Soli Deo Gloria!

Please note: comments are not active for the simple reason that atheists (and others) cannot control their tongues, or their keyboards, and we have no interest in providing a forum for such things. If you wish to discuss the claims made in this video, listen to The Dividing Line and call in when we have open phones, toll free. See:

Of temples and bookstores.

I wouldn’t have bothered posting this video but I found the second half of it very interesting. They take a video camera into a Mormon bookstore (Deseret Books) and show us some of the items being sold. You may be surprised at what you see.

“Bible vs Joseph Smith” DVD outreach opportunity.

For those who are interested, here’s a great evangelistic opportunity from Tri-Grace Ministries:

Dear FPW’s (Faithful Prayer Warriors),

This will be very short. Several people have contacted us about the possibility of purchasing THE BIBLE vs JOSEPH SMITH DVD at the discounted price of $1.75 ea. If you are still thinking about ordering, the time to act is NOW because we are ready to place our order.So far 46 people from all over the country (plus one from Africa) have ordered the DVD and plan to distribute over 10,000 of these  DVD’s. This will surely create a ripple effect that will be felt world-wide by the LDS community. 

The LDS community is a tight knit, very well connected subculture. If only a few Mormons are saved as a result of this outreach, the impact will reach deep into the Mormon community. We are praying that outreach opportunities like this one will eventually become the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Not by power, nor by might, but my His Spirit!!!

We do not care how many DVDs you order – we just want to touch Mormons all across the world. So if you know any Mormons… order the DVD and drop one on their doorstep. Then pray and see what God will do.

Contact T.G.M at for more information or to place your order, but hurry, they will be placing this one-time large order very soon.

Film review: The Bible vs. Joseph Smith.

Joel Kramer and Sourceflix have hit another home run with their latest release, The Bible vs. Joseph Smith.

DefCon has been pleased to feature Joel Kramer’s past documentaries DNA vs. the Book of Mormon, The Bible vs. the Book of Mormon, and Lifting the Veil on Polygamy, and now The Bible vs. Joseph Smith continues in the excellence of quality, production, and product.

Joel Kramer sits down with a lifelong Mormon and puts Bible prophets and Mormon prophets to the Deuteronomy 18 test “to see which prophets are truly speaking for God.”

This video not only deals with such problems as the Book of Mormon error of stating that Jesus was born in Jerusalem, but it also deals with Joseph Smith’s problems of false prophecy, so clearly in fact, that I suggest to you that this video conclusively proves that Joseph Smith was a false prophet.

“In a conversation between a Christian and a Mormon, the prophets of both the Bible and the Book of Mormon are put head to head in a test to see which prophets are truly speaking for God. If even one prophecy fails to come true, that prophet is a false prophet, and must be put to death.”

Sarcasm at its finest: Happy spots and Hollywood.

Sometimes you can just use a good laugh.

The following video is a great follow-up of the post Woe Unto You.

And this video is a great follow-up to The Idolatry of Celebrity Worship.

Bezel333: “21st Century signs and wonders”

Once again, Bezel uncovers the truth using a little thing called “Scripture” to debunk the claims made by the Satanic signs and lying wonders crowd who take God out of the box and make Him dance like He’s their own little puppet.

Your Sermon(s) of the week: “The Cupp” and “The Resurrection of Jesus” by C.J. Mahaney.

For this Wednesday’s sermon of the week you will not receive the usual one sermon, but two! In honor of Resurrection Sunday I have chosen to post the following two powerful messages by C.J. Mahaney on Jesus’ suffering and resurrection.

The Cup

The Resurrection of Jesus

First Seeker-Sensitive Church of Relevance

I made the following video this past week. It may appear to be silly, but it is a dire warning for those churches who do nothing more than scratch the ears of their ticklish members. These “churches” that use music by atheists like The Beatles; “churches” who find more inspiration from wretched, abominable movies than they do from the Word of God; and “churches” that use gimmicks like “Vegas Night” and who produce idiotic videos (like this one in San FranFreakshow) are headed toward what is depicted in this video.

Their justice does not slumber.

And speaking of Crowder and Dunn, here is a video that was made by one of their buddies (found it via A Little Leaven. But, of course, the acolytes of these heretics will claim that this blasphemer has led thousands of kids to Christ. And he probably has. Just not the Christ of Scripture). I won’t post it here because it is too vile and vulgar (like Crowder and Dunn themselves), but it shows you just what kind of fruit their pimpistry bears (**WARNING** VISIT AT YOUR OWN RISK. THIS HERETIC MAKES CHOWDER AND DUNG SEEM LIKE PAUL THE APOSTLE). If you can stomach it, read through some of the comments made by the supporters of this heretic. Yeah, real Christ-like (::rolls eyes::)

Bezel333 on “The Circle of Life”

The title of the video is “Reincarnation or Resurrection?” Ever see “The Lion King?” With so much Eastern Mysticism running rampant in American churches (“The Gospel According to the Beatles,” for example) the fact that all will be resurrected–the just will be resurrected to life, the wicked will be resurrected to death. We will not “come back” as a dog or a cat or anything else. Once we die, that’s it.

And why do we die? Sin. When sin conceives it brings forth death. It was because of Adam’s sin, that each and every one of us inherited, that these bodies break down and we die. It’s not a “circle”: we don’t get another chance. So, here’s Bezel:

Bezel333 on the “Intentions” of D. Wayne Dyer

In this Age of New Age, the sound scholarship of men like Bezel333 is a welcome oasis in a desert of…yuckiness.

D. Wayne Dyer, who sounds like a High Priest in the Church of Oprah, teaches a mushy-gushy, “You are everything” type of religion–kind of like the “prosperity ‘gospel'”.

Is the world crucified to you?

Just finished making a video to go along with one of the greatest quotes from Leonard Ravenhill–“Is the world crucified to you tonight? Or does it fascinate you?” To look at many churches across America–you know, the ones that serve that ooey-gooey sugary goodness that screams “seeker sensitive”–you would think that the apostle Paul was a laid-back, hippie-type slacker dude who didn’t care much about doctrine, but went around with “so what does this verse mean to you?” on his lips.

Anyhoo, many of the images in this video can be found over at A Little Leaven. And since someone will ask–the music is “Carmina Burana (O Fortuna)” by Carl Orff. It’s one of those pieces of music you hear on just about everything, but never knew what it was called. Well now you know 🙂

There really are only two religions

The religion of God, and the religion of Satan. There may be 80,000 religions other than Christianity. But really, they are ONE religion–the religion of man’s ability to save himself (or, really, his lack of ability).

Found the following video over at Symphony of Scripture. John MacArthur explains it much better than I ever could (so what else is new?)

Benny Hinn’s false prophecies

You may have read some of Benny Hinn’s “prophecies” about how Fidel Castro was going to die, and the homosexual community was going to be wiped out, and Jesus was going to physically appear on stage with the Hinnster. All of these things were supposed to happen in the 90’s. Um, they didn’t happen, did they? And yet there are still people who will claim this schlomo is a “prophet of God.”

Well, here is a video with audio of B-B-B-Benny and the Hinn’s “prophecies.” Don’t just take my word for it. Listen for yourself.