Ekstasis Worship?

Reposted from “The Museum of Idolatry”.  This is the result of what happens when you get away from the truth of God’s Word. Incredibly, the guy speaking in the background and talking about ekstasis worship makes a bold statement that does not line up with Scripture starting around :40 seconds into the video.

“It’s no longer that you have to study the Word, but when you’re inside of an infused atmosphere with dancing and your body is moving and the Word is coming and the music – it becomes part of you…with the repetitiveness of the music, the Word is driven into your body.”

This is heresy and is not in line with the true Word of God.


‘Ekstasis worship’?

Did you know Patricia King wants you to experience Ekstasis Worship? We will let Patricia King introduce you to this bizzarre worship experience:

“Have you ever heard the term ‘Ekstasis worship’? No? Well many people haven’t. It’s a powerful word. It’s a Greek word that means… well you’ll find out in a little while. Because I want to introduce to you Caleb Brundidge.

He’s one of our itinerant ministries. But also a worshiper with so much passion. In fact if you’ve been to any of our conference, you would see Caleb flagging and worshiping God and opening up the heavens and operating in a real breaker level anointing.

He is actually a DJ as well and leads a lot of Christian events and weddings and you know, High School events and things like that. So if you would like to know mor about him, he’s on our itinerant page on our website. But today, he’s going to tell you about Club Mysterio and about the Ekstasis worship that takes place to bring those times of gathering together. So it’s my privilege to introduce to you Caleb Brundage.”

She aired this following segment on XP media. (You can see Patricia King 55 seconds in.)

The Elijah List allowed Caleb Brundidge to explain his teachings more. To read more on this, click here.

Bezel333: “21st Century signs and wonders”

Once again, Bezel uncovers the truth using a little thing called “Scripture” to debunk the claims made by the Satanic signs and lying wonders crowd who take God out of the box and make Him dance like He’s their own little puppet.

Filled With The Ecstacy of God???

Pay close attention to what happens when the music starts about 5:09 and then LISTEN to what he says about “no longer having to study the Word” at about 5:52 into the video!

What Club Mysterio, Ekstasis Worship, and Patricia King are all offering worship which is not acceptable to God.  PlumblineApologetics states the following on this video –

“1) Ekstasis means any casting down of a thing from its proper place or state, displacement i.e Occultism

2) a throwing of the mind out of its normal state (Astral Projections), alienation of consciousness, whether such as makes a lunatic or that of a man who by some sudden emotion is transported as it were out of himself, so that in this rapt condition, although he is awake, his mind is drawn off from all surrounding objects and wholly fixed on things divine that he sees nothing but the forms and images lying within, and thinks that he perceives with his bodily eyes and ears realities shown him by God.

3) the state of one who, either owing to the importance or the novelty of an event, is thrown into a state of blended fear and wonderment”

HT: PlumblineApologetics

Don’t Try This, Please!

These folks sicken me to the core. It’s no wonder that the world doesn’t take Christ and His true church seriously anymore, because you now have more of such clowns running about town! Besides, who can hear the Gospel when they are too busy laughing themselves silly?

If you aren’t convinced, here’s a secular TV show in the United Kingdom having a whale of a time poking fun at some of our “favorite” Word-of-Faith preachers.

I can’t wait for our Lord’s return when He will clean this all up just as He chased those merchants out of the temple!