Dan Kimball’s “They Like Jesus but not the Church.”

Emergent pastor Dan Kimball makes some good points in this 7 minute video, as do other Emergent leaders from time to time (like leaving the “bubble” and reaching out to those on the outside). But as usual it doesn’t take long for Emergents to quickly make a hard left-turn and nosedive into a downward spiral of tolerance of sin and the advancement of heretical false teachings which ultimately leave the hurting (like the man in this video for example) still lost and seeking truth in the end.

I wish people like Dan Kimball would just remove “Christian” from their title and replace it with “Universalist.” There would be a much greater clarity and truth in advertising.

Jesus hung out with thieves, prostitutes, and murderers, but he called them to repentance not–as Emergents suggest–to leave them feeling good about their sin. God calls us to come as we are, but He doesn’t expect us to stay that way!

9 thoughts on “Dan Kimball’s “They Like Jesus but not the Church.”

  1. Doesn’t look like something that I’d be interested in and it did sound to me like most of the people recognized they would be convicted because of their sin. How sad! They don’t even want to take the Bible literally. I wonder what part they want to cut out! Maybe it’s the bit on their sin and the fact that they’ve fallen short of the glory of God. Of course, no man in his depravity wants to hear he’s a sinner but it’s still true regardless of the fact.

    They use the name Christian but they are NOT Christian as 2 John is very clear on who truly is and who truly isn’t. If they deny Christ and the truth that HE has presented then they are not Christian!


  2. ” There would be a much greater clarity and truth in advertising. ”

    But you see, with such a chastened epistemology and generous orthodoxy clarity is an illusion promulgated by modernists and Christoplatonists. Nip nack paddywhack give a dog a bone….


  3. The whole point of this video series is to get a better understanding of how lost people (which are dying here and now and are on their way to hell) view Christians! I think if we as Christians modeled our Lord and Savior Jesus: the lost would see Jesus in us! By the way, if you read any of Dan’s books you will learn that he is a big believer in sanctification!


  4. How I interpreted the book is that we (the church) have lost the realization that we do not convert people to Christianity, that is the Holy Spirit’s job. We are called to love God and love others. In “They Like Jesus but Not the Church”, the people being interviewed said that Kimball stands firm in his faith and says nothing about him not dismissing their sin. I understood that as that they know he does not agree with their life style (which he states a few time) but he still listens to them and loves them.

    And about taking the Bible literally; we all read it in certain “lenses”. If want to take the Bible completely literal then according to John, Jesus died on a different day then Friday. John 19.14 tells us that he dies on the first day of the passover (to symbolize the sacrificial lamb) whereas in in Mark14.12 and Luke 22.15, Jesus was killed after the passover started. So the Bible tells us that Jesus died on two different days?!?!!?!?…well if we take it “literally”.


  5. The University interviewees didn’t really love Jesus… they loved the ‘non-judgmental, all-loving, warm-fuzzy” idol that they constructed in their minds.

    That’s who they love.

    The ones they hated were the Christians who told them the Biblical truth about sin, righteousness, judgment, and then YES the love of the cross.

    I think these hard-hearted students never stuck around long enough to hear the WHOLE Gospel message.

    Too bad. It ends well for the one who gives his life to Christ through repentance and faith.

    We get forgiveness, reconciliation, and Eternal Life!

    In Christ,
    – Jeff H


  6. Dear Jeremiah:

    Your excuse to dismiss the Bible so cavalierly based on your misunderstanding of culture and context betrays you.

    Referencing ancient Jewish sources (including Josephus), at the time of the crucifixion the Jews (including the Pharisees) in the northern part of Palestine (which included Galilee) counted the day as sunrise to sunrise. However, the southern part of Palestine (which included Jerusalem where the priests and Sadducees were) recognized a day from sunset to sunset. Rome (like us) counted the day from midnight to midnight.

    To quote The MacArthur Bible Commentary (page 1341):

    On that basis, the seeming contradictions in the Gospel accounts are easily explained. Being Galileans, Jesus and the disciples considered Passover day to have started at sunrise on Thursday and to end at sunrise on Friday. The Jewish leaders who arrested and tried Jesus, being mostly priests and Sadducees, considered Passover day to begin at sunset on Thursday and end at sunset on Friday. By that variation, predetermined by God’s sovereign provision, Jesus could thereby legitimately celebrate the last Passover meal with His disciples and yet still be sacrificed on Passover day. One can see how God sovereignly and marvelously provides for the precise fulfillment of His redemptive plan.

    The method by which you used to reject the Scriptures, Jeremiah, is actually not a problem when context is applied.

    So my question for you is, if you reject the practice of taking any of the Bible literally, what do you do with the following propositions and ideals that originate from Scripture?

    – Thou shalt not kill.
    – Marriage.
    – Church.
    – Heaven.
    – Jesus Christ.

    – The Pilgrim


  7. Good guy versus bad guy. Dan Kimball portrays the good guy, and Christians who believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God, and the narrow way are the bad guys. They say they love Jesus, they love the Jesus of their own making. Their Bible is God is love, and do not judge. This is not the gospel, and Dan Kimball is telling these people it’s ok to stay in their sin while backing up their portrayal of Christians as bigoted, narrow minded people who have no love. Well DK you certainly do not love these people. If you did you would tell them the truth. You would be happy with all these people spending eternity in hell, so you can be considered cool.


  8. Pilgrim,

    I am confused with your context that you show me. Are you saying that John was a Pharisee or Sadducee and that is why his calender was different from Luke’s and Mark’s?

    I never said that I rejected the scriptures but rather I do not try to make the scriptures fit the narratives that we read in today’s word. I do NOT think that the John’s Gospel contradicts the others because I do not think that he is writing a time line of historical events, rather, he is writing in a way to better illustrate what the Gospel is all about. John is the only Gospel that writes with the language that Jesus is the “Lamb of God” and to therefore better illustrate his point, John has Christ being sacrificed on the Passover to best represent the sacrificial lamb of the passover. If you read John like a book history book, then you completely miss this beauty of Christ’s sacrifice that he so eloquently shows. You miss this illustration of God’s abounding love for us.

    If you were to take the Bible literally, then every time you looked at a women in lust then you would believe that the right thing to do is to pluck your eye out ( Matt 5.29). If you heard a woman speak up in church you would politely go to her and reminder that her place is one of silence ( 1 Cor 14:33-35). I know for a fact that you, Pilgrim, do not completely take the Bible literally because if you did, then you would think that Jesus mistook the Sadducees and Pharisees to be members of the reptilian family ( Matt 23:33).

    Brother, you do not take the Bible literally because,as you said yourself, you read it in “context”. The context you took with the Passover was outside of the Biblical text which you applied so that you better understood the meaning of your particular interpretation of the passage.

    I am not saying that I am one hundred percent right because to say that I fully understand the Word of God is to deny that God is bigger than myself. I will say that I believe that the Bible is not meant to be read as a time line of historical events but instead, it is meant to be a love letter between God and His people.


  9. Jeremiah, if you cannot distinguish between figurative and literal in any writing, then I don’t know what to tell you Those are elementary principles of English.

    When Jesus says that He’s the door, or the bread of life, we know he is not made of wood or flour by the context of what is being said. Just like (by context) we know that unless a man is born again he will not see the Kingdom of God. This is why reading the entire Bible is so important (yet sadly so lacking in churches today) instead of just pieces here and there. And additionally the carnal mind cannot understand the things of God anyway, so those who stand on the outside of the Body of Christ and mock the Scriptures because they do not understand them (e.g. Atheists), are mocking and rejecting the Scriptures because they have not been born of the Spirit.

    Now, you have alleged that I only read the Bible like a history book. This is a false charge. All I was doing was merely answering your excuse that we shouldn’t take the Bible literally because you think you found the Achilles Heal of contradiction in Scripture.

    I asked you a serious question regarding other ideals and doctrines that we get from Scripture and why you believe in them since they came from Scripture that “can’t be taken literally.” But you ignored my query.

    Based on the content of you first comment, and the response from you to my answer, I can see that you are here only to spread the “Hath God really said?” emergent heresy of attacking the Bible and its perspicuity.

    With all do respect I do not have the time to argue with you, nor the patience. You attacked the Scripture leveling a charge of CONTRADICTION which I answered, then I asked you a question as a follow-up and you have evaded and continued your attack of God’s holy Word.

    For 2,000 years men have been moved, born again, strengthened, and encouraged by the inspired writings of the Holy Spirit. I will not provide a platform for you and and a handful of emergents in 2010 (who think they’re so much wiser than everyone before them) to tear down the Bible. We have to respond to enough attacks on the Bible from other “professing Christians” like Catholics and Mormons.

    This is where we stand, we can do no other, so any further correspondence would obviously be in vain.

    – Pilgrim


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