Living Dinosaurs (part one).

(Be sure to check out Living Dinosaurs Part Two for some incredible videos)

I recently watched some of Kent Hovind’s creation seminar series and was awestruck with part three of his series. In part three (which you can view below) he examines the topic of dinosaurs and whether or not there are some alive today.

I sat glued to this video, riveted by the idea some of these creatures supposedly gone extinct “millions and millions of years ago” are actually still alive in such places like the largely unexplored regions of the African Congo.

To give you an idea of what the swamp in the Congo looks like, here’s some pictures I found on the internet that were taken by a scientist while down there (see here and here) collecting information. This is the same swamp where natives identify a large creature known as Mokele-Mbembe.

One thought on “Living Dinosaurs (part one).

  1. Got the videos about 8 years ago. They really are eye opening and so enjoyable.

    Would recommended them to everyone.


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