“Disney World Doctrine” and other lies of a “kinda’ pastor.”

Shameful. Utterly shameful.

9 thoughts on ““Disney World Doctrine” and other lies of a “kinda’ pastor.”

  1. We have a term for folks who do this. It escapes me…oh yes, it’s LIAR!!! What more proof does one need that this revival is a sham?


  2. oh dear! this is not a funny matter! disney world doctrine? and the people are all smiles….shameful.


  3. Since he is a liar, the way he is giving the woman’s response to this question, seems like she is a very simple person who does not know the Scriptures.

    If she is questioning this, she can’t be that simple, she knows it’s wrong. So if she would accept such a ridiculous answer, she can’t be too clever.

    The man is a godless liar, and should seek employment as a bad comedian.


  4. Nathan W. Bingham:


    I guess you couldn’t expect anything different from a man who not only allows this heresy in his church among his flock but also endorses it to other pastors and flocks.


  5. yeah,,,I know what he is saying are lies. the Holy Spirit can never lie, for He leads us into all the truth. And the devil is the father of lies, and I believe it’s the devil who teach him to lie, not the holy spirit.


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