Virgin Mary USB flash drive.

From the religion that birthed pagan superstitions in its followers with a saint for just about every occasion, (even for selling your home and for watching television), now comes the latest money-making scheme for the biblically illiterate: the Virgin Mary USB flash drive.

“Oh Maria, keep my data safe!”

4 thoughts on “Virgin Mary USB flash drive.

  1. For 69 euros (around $100), that thing should save much more than one’s data. Since Mary is co-redemtrix in the Roman Church, shouldn’t this expensive device save one’s soul – or at least shorten the time spent in purgatory? A straight up 1 GB flash drive without the protection of the pagan idol sells in the USA for around $25.


  2. (Grabs idolatry beads)

    Hail Mary, full of data.
    Vista is with thee.
    Blessed art thou among hardware and blessed is the fruit of thy storage, 1GB.
    Holy Mary, mother of binary, pray for our files now and at the hour of our crashing.

    (Repeats 10 times)

    Our Gates
    Who art in Seattle
    Microsoft be thy name.
    Thy coding come, thy programming be done
    On Vista as it is on XP.
    Give us this day our daily Java.
    Forgive us our hacking, as we forgive those who hack against us.
    And lead us not into Ctrl-Alt-Delete, but deliver us from BSOD*.
    For thine is the platform and the OS and the biggest user of memory forever and ever.

    (repeats until God listens)

    [*Blue Screen of Death]


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