What is your pastor serving?

Chris Roseborough of Extreme Theology created this great postcard. I am certain that the faithful readers of DefCon will love it.

2 thoughts on “What is your pastor serving?

  1. Yup. This hits it right on the head of the nail ! There are so many who get so little in the way of real Biblical Food. No wonder they graze through the leftovers — Seeker Sensitive, Purpose Driven, Word of Faith, Ecumenical ( can’t we all just get along ? ), Signs and Wonders, always taking in , and still starving.

    We must pray for wayward sheep who have been led astrey !



  2. Unfortunately, we have found that those who have had a steady diet of M&M’s (in a manner of speaking) end up deciding they like their steady diet and don’t want much more than that! There are very few that decide they want some real food!


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