Refuting the cry of “Make Jesus Lord Today!”

Have you ever heard one of these “preachers” as they stand there and try to sound all hip and cool and relevant by saying that you should “Make Jesus Lord today!!!” That is about one of the most unbiblical statements a person can make. We don’t “make” Jesus Lord–


Acts 2:36-“Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly that God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ.” Over 100 times in the New Testament, Jesus is called “LORD.” Philippians 2:11…and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ IS LORD Friend, you CANNOT be saved WITHOUT confessing Jesus Christ as Lord. Romans 10:9IF you confess Jesus Christ as LORD, and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dea, you will be saved. Does Paul say “If you confess Jesus Christ as savior” you will be saved? NO. He says, “If you confess Him as LORD” you will be saved. See that? We don’t make Jesus Lord–we confess that he IS Lord!!!!!!!!!

Here is Dr. John MacArthur exposing the error that is taught throughout modern American evangelicalism today.

6 thoughts on “Refuting the cry of “Make Jesus Lord Today!”

  1. Jesus is already Lord and doesn’t need us to make Him anything.

    He desires to make us something.

    He desires to kill us (in His Word and in Baptism) and then he desires to raise us again (in His Word and in Baptism and Holy Communion)


  2. I spent the my first few months of being a Christian in a charasmatic, humanistic and pragmatic church.

    I heard and saw it all in those few months!

    Amen, He is LORD we definatly dont make Him LORD.

    May the LORD expose those who are false and save them!


  3. If He is Lord you will be obey his teachings. Are you preaching the Gospel to every creature. Is you devotion to God so great that your love for your parents, spouse, kids, and your life seem like hatred in comparison? Is he the Lord of your life. If he is Lord and you confess him as Lord them your life, and devotion to him will reflect it. What would you kids and wife sasy about your love and devotion to Christ?
    You have it twisted. get it right. What you have done is created a graven image, a God to suit yourself. You twist scripture to conform it to your beleifs and the Bible says that is wrong, you have broken the second commandment and you are worshipping a false God. All idolotars will have their part in the lake of fire. Repent my friend, and make Jesus your Lord and Savior. Repent or you will perish.


  4. Jimmy,

    You got that part right… If we have constructed a “Jesus” Who is WAITING, just standing around waiting, for us to make Him our Lord, then we HAVE constructed an idol.

    If He just LONGS to save us, but simply CAN’T “complete the transaction” until we do OUR part – well, that’s not only idolatry… It’s BLASPHEMY!

    Thanks be to God that He is Sovereign, and so much bigger than that!

    Saved by Lord Jesus’ grace, His love, and HIS might (not mine),

    – Jeff H


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