Newsflash: Global Warming is Caused by the Sun

After Noah’s flood receded, God promised Noah that, “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease” (Genesis 8:22). If cold and heat remain, that rules out the possibility of runaway global warming, and I doubt that He chooses to show us this mercy due to the wisdom of environmentalists.

Here’s a great documentary on the real cause of rising or falling global temperatures–the sun. It also discusses the devastating effect of extremist environmental policies for those who have no access to electricity.

Please forgive the French subtitles and the old earth references.

8 thoughts on “Newsflash: Global Warming is Caused by the Sun

  1. My wife has no significant interest in the science of anything and she has consistently pointed to the Scripture that tells us Who holds creation together and Who will destroy according to His time table as comfort. This bit of Genesis is one of those.

    Again, when educated folk tell us the sky is falling, I am reminded that the worm wants to be a brain surgeon. (Who ever thought that one up is one of my heroes!)


  2. The sun warming the earth? I THOUGHT that might have something to do with it! Of course, the rulers of this world’s system wouldn’t be able to promote as much fear, greed, and sin if things were as simple as believing God’s Word.


  3. Money.

    It’s all about money. They invented this lie and believe it, the same way they believe in evolution.

    It’s a good presentation. More need to see it.


  4. Oh no, you mean my favoritest wanna-be president, Al Gore, is wrong!??! Please tell me that this video is just a joke!!

    Seriously, we should take away Al Bore’s Nobel prize and the money and indict him for major fraud! I know how we can reduce CO2 emissions – tell the majority of Congress to keep their mouths closed if all they can do is scaremonger and keep refusing to listen to the people who elected them.


  5. I entered into a discussion with a friend of mine yesterday via email about global warming.

    I believe it to be a hoax, he does not.

    At the end of it all he concluded that nobody really knows whats going on.

    I concluded that Jesus is going to come back and destroy the place and that I dont care too much for the argument 🙂


  6. But wait, these are “scientists” who are claiming that global warming is real. And as we all know, “scientists” are never wrong. Just look at evolution to see how “scientists” are beyond reproach. /Sarcasm Off

    It was only 30 years ago that “scientists” (the high priests of secularism) were claiming “global cooling.” See this picture of the cover of Time Magazine from 1979 and this article from Newsweek from 1975.

    As Martyn Lloyd-Jones said:

    One of our problems today is that we no longer do our own thinking. Newspapers do it for us, the people interviewed on Radio and Television do it for us, and we sit back and listen. That is one of the manifestations of the breakdown of self-discipline. We must learn to discipline our minds!

    Also, check out this timely article in relation to this post:

    – The Pilgrim


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