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Gary Gilley Give Christians the need-oriented pop-psychology that they had grown to love, . . . just alter it a bit with some verses and some references to Jesus–they would never catch on that what they were swallowing was not biblical Christianity at all, but an almost unrecognizable perversion. Whether this approach was calculated or naively taken matters little. The result is the same: a psychologized Christian community which no longer recognizes the difference between the teachings of the Bible and the teachings of Carl Rogers and no longer cares.

– Gary Gilley

One thought on “Quotes (706)

  1. As usual, Mr. Gilley is spot-on! Each and every Sunday, since we’ve been with our current reformed church, my wife and I realize how true this is – our previous church was not as bad as Osteen, but certainly not adequately biblical. And people don’t recognize it and don’t care to know.

    Subtlety is a great weapon of Satan.

    Praise God for faithful men who do not shrink from proclaiming Truth.


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