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Catholics are taught to believe a miracle has occurred when the inner essence of the host (wafer) is changed into the body and blood of Christ even though it still looks and tastes like a wafer. Can you think of any miracle in the Bible that never appeared to happen?

– Mike Gendron

5 thoughts on “Quotes (845)

  1. Even the miracle of the inner work of the Holy Spirit to redeem a sinner produces outward changes in the person. Indeed, the mystical magic of the Roman ritual is beyond belief. In fact, it reminds me of the Free Grace folk who say God may save a person but there be NO outward change. Both views are unbiblical bunk that lead many astray and provide false comfort for lost folk.


  2. Not from scripture, but in Islam… Lots of examples. For example Muhammad’s trip to heaven, in which no one saw him leave or return. Or Muhammad’s many visits with Gabriel, again no witnesses…


  3. Manfred, you play chilldren’s games:

    In Roman Catholic theology, transubstantiation (in Latin, transsubstantiatio, in Greek μετουσίωσις metousiosis) means the change, in the Eucharist, of the substance (what the thing is in itself – see “Roman Catholic theology of transubstantiation”, below) of wheat bread and grape wine into the substance of the Body and Blood (respectively) of Jesus, while all that is accessible to the senses (the species or appearances) remains as before.

    And for more of your lunacy, it isn’t just Rome, but the Byzantine church as well. Are they the whore of Babylon as well? Toss in the Russian Orthodox church, the Copts, the Chaldean church, the Assyrian church and there’s a bevy of whores of Babylon. So perhaps you might rethink your patent lunacy.


  4. Slappy – your theology is sloppy. Christ is God in human flesh, sitting at the right hand of God. He is not and cannot be made to inhabit bits of bread or cracker and wine or juice. When He instituted the Lord’s Supper (1 Cor 11, for example) He described the New Covenant in His blood, made possible by His soon-to-be-broken body. None of the 12 there, in the meeting recorded, had any thought evidenced that they took His words literally – else they would have had to eat His flesh while He sat with them. Signs and seals of the New Covenant.

    That many have been led astray by the magical none sense propagated by the Roman cult is not surprising – such is the way of the human creature. Throw in the other cults you mentioned doesn’t strengthen your case – it weakens it. What makes anyone think the “bevy of whores of Babylon”, as you put it, would get this right?

    My “lunacy” as you call it, is biblical Christianity.

    Slappy – Your theology is sloppy. The Lord Jesus is the God-man, sitting at the right hand of God the Father – not subject to being called down to inhabit or accompany bread/crackers or wine/juice. When the Lord Jesus was teaching His disciples about the New Covenant, He sat with them the night before He was crucified, and told them His body was broken and His blood spilled to pay for the sins of the elect and cut the New Covenant. His work is finished and we can do nothing to add to His work of grace.

    That many are led astray by the cult of Rome does not strengthen your position – it weakens it. For what good recommendation is it when “a bevy of whores of Babylon” agree with you? Further, the Bible disagrees with you.

    Here is a good review of 95 things wrong with the Roman Catholic lie: http://www.fivesolas.com/nontrans.htm


  5. The Catholic “Jesus” that prostrates himself and bows his head in humble obedience to the Roman priest as he is commanded to leave heaven and be magically changed into a ritz cracker. Nope – nothing blasphemous there.

    Or if the people aren’t hungry, the priest can always lock him up in an monstrance and take the Catholic “Jesus” for a walk around the park for the deceived masses to worship. Or, if the priest is a bit tired and feels not like walking, he can always lock his false “Jesus” up in the tabernacle until he sees fit to release him from his holding cell.

    Lies, damnable lies which all the “doctors” of Rome will attest to and defend tooth and nail as they amazingly tell people this is the Jesus who sits on the right hand of God with all principalities and powers bowing unto him.

    For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, this is not the Jesus found in the Bible. For Jesus is not some alter boy who jumps at the command of the priest to do his bidding. Neither is he some spectacle to be paraded around in the soiled hands of a priest or worse yet to be locked inside the Monstrance or tabernacle like some criminal in a prison cell.

    Repent now in beliving such blasphemy and forsake this damnable false religion.


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