Quotes (886)

The Bible records in Acts 17:11 that the Apostle Paul commended the Bereans for comparing what he taught and said to Scripture. Rather than taking offense at what others might consider to be “criticism,” Paul encouraged them to compare everything he was teaching to the Word of God. He did not regard those who sincerely measured what he said by Scripture as being “difficult,” or “divisive,” or having a “critical spirit.” He understood that for truth to prevail in the Church, everyone’s teachings–even his own–would have to be proven by the Word of God.

– Warren Smith

From Deceived on Purpose

One thought on “Quotes (886)

  1. basically im being bullied at school to the point that i want to kill myself. i just want some quotes about people hating someone soo much, or people wanting to kill themselves. dont tell me not to do something, cause i probably wont


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