If God Would Just Show Me a Miracle…

I think that just about every Christian who has ventured out to share their faith has heard this claim at one time or another. It seems reasonable enough, “God, if you are real, show me!” Why can’t someone make that request of God, right? If He truly wants that person to worship Him, shouldn’t God do what they ask? The problem lies in this, God has already revealed Himself and a miracle would not bring that person one inch closer to saving faith than they already were.

God has revealed Himself in His written word. The Bible is sixty-six books, written by forty authors over a period of time, in different countries, with a consistent theme that God will redeem sinners through the sacrifice of His Son. It has been proven historically accurate, and has more manuscript evidence than any book of antiquity. Yet, this person determines that the Bible is not enough.

God has revealed Himself through His creation. The intricate complex design of the vast universe, from the largest star to the smallest sub-atomic particle practically screams of a Designer. In fact, there is so much evidence of design from the fact that information is built into our very genetic code (which cannot happen by accident) that many non-religious scientists have adopted the study of Intelligent Design. Yet, the vast complexity of our existence is not enough for them.

God is also revealed through the very conscience we possess. Throughout all mankind, a universal knowledge of right and wrong exists, a knowledge of good and evil. True, some societies, including our own, have attempted to alter or water down this objective morality, yet it still exists. It testifies a law that exists outside ourselves, a standard we must all be judged by. And if that law exists, then the Lawmaker exists as well. And if there is a Lawmaker, then He will one day judge us by that standard. Still, this person cries for yet more proof.

Most of all, God is revealed through His one and only Son, Jesus Christ. Second person of the triune God, fully God and fully Man, Creator of all things. Almost 2,000 years ago, Jesus came to Earth, took on human flesh, lived as one of us, tempted in all the ways we are, yet He never sinned. Some thirty to thirty-three years into this life, He willingly laid down His life (John 10: 17-18) to take upon Himself the wrath of God rightfully due to us. Then three days later, He rose Himself from the grave, proving His victory over sin and death. No fact of history has greater proof than the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. These events were recorded by eyewitnesses at the time of other eyewitnesses and would withstand the scrutiny of any legal examination. Yet, this person still demands a sign.

This demand mirrors the one made by the Jews to Christ in His day. Matthew 12: 38-40 states, “Then some of the scribes and Pharisees answered him, saying, “Teacher, we wish to see a sign from you.” But he answered them, “An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. For just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth..” When you read this passage, on the surface, it seems like a legitimate request, just like the one at the beginning of this article. In fact, Jesus’ response almost seems inappropriate and even rude. Yet, when we look earlier in the chapter, we see two incidents that took place which shed more light on the subject.

In verses 9 though 14, Jesus miraculously healed a man of a withered hand on the Sabbath day. Yet, because he had done so on the Sabbath, the Pharisees sought to destroy Him. His miracle did not matter in their eyes, it was that Jesus had not followed the Sabbath rest according to their interpretation of it. Therefore, it was because Jesus did not do things their way that they sought to kill Him.

The second incident takes place in verses 22 through 32. Jesus frees a man from demon possession, yet another mighty miracle which testified of His deity. However, the Pharisees deny his deity and ascribe his ability to cast out demons to that of Satan! Jesus calls them on this pointing out that Satan’s own efforts would be undermined by casting out those under his command. Additionally, the Pharisees claimed any success at removing demons on their own was an act of God! Why would they then attribute Jesus’ power to the demonic realm? Once again, we see that the Pharisees were not truly looking to be convinced by the miraculous, but simply wanted to find another reason to hate Jesus for not doing things their way.

It is only a few verses later when we see them come to Jesus demanding He show them a sign. Were they truly looking for a miracle to convince them? They had already seen many such signs and dismissed them. What were they really looking for then? Simply another reason to hate Jesus and deny what they knew to be true, that He was the Son of God, because He would not be the Messiah they wanted.

So what of the person who claims today that they just want God to show them a sign? Truly, it is the same answer. All the evidence of God and His power are laid before them. There is nothing more they need to be convinced. To demand yet more proof, another sign, is simply an attempt make God into a dancing monkey that performs when the organ grinder is played. To make God the servant and them the master. And if He does as they wish, then they may give Him some token acknowledgement of worship, but only as long as He plays for them. This person does not desire the true God of holiness and righteousness. The God who is perfect and calls us to obey Him. The God who is just and will judge those who have failed to meet His standard. The God who mercifully put His own Son on the cross so that His wrath might be poured out on Christ in our place. The God who calls us to humble ourselves, repent and trust in Christ as our Savior. The God who then molds us, shapes us and makes us His own.

Please, don’t seek to make God prove Himself to you by some act or miracle. Know that He has already proven Himself to you. Rather, look at your own life and see that it has fallen short of God’s righteous standard. Know that whenever you have lied, stolen, lusted, hated, coveted or even blasphemed God’s name, you have sinned against your Creator. Know that you rightly stand in judgment before Him and are deserving of Hell. Yet, if today you will repent and trust in Jesus Christ, know that God will redeem you, cleanse you of your sin and will make you His own. Do this today!

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