Just what the world needs.

(CBS/AP) Houston televangelist Joel Osteen is a preacher, lecturer and author. Soon, he’ll add reality TV star to his accomplishments.

The leader of a Texas megachurch, whose Sunday services are broadcast to audiences around the world, has signed an agreement to work with producer Mark Burnett to develop a reality show about his mission trips with members of his Lakewood Church.

Osteen, 48, announced the agreement Tuesday. He said the program would also feature Victoria, his wife of more than two decades.

Osteen also travels a cross the country presenting programs in large arenas. He is the author of several best-selling books, the latest of which is “Every Day a Friday.”

The British-born Burnett is executive producer of the CBS hit show “Survivor” and creator of such reality series as “Celebrity Apprentice,” “The Voice” and “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?”

Lakewood Church’s website says its broadcasts reach more than 200 million households. Its headquarters is the former Compaq Center, which the NBA’s Houston Rockets once called home. It took more than 15 months and $75 million to convert the arena into a church.

Source: CBS

7 thoughts on “Just what the world needs.

  1. sigh My wife and I enjoy living in the greater Houston area, but there are a bunch of mega-chuch entertainment centers here. This smooth talkin’ snake of man being the best known. At my previous church, a bog-box SBC outfit that loves the world because people count!, many “singles” would go to Joel’s place on Wed evenings rather than attend the meeting at church. Our “senior pastor” was informed of this and did nothing, although he was of the opinion that Osteen was not a bible preacher or pastor. Yet, when the “senior pastor” preached on false teachers, he refused to mention a single name – allowing each person to fill in the blank as he saw fit.

    If man is your focal point, you will do what you see fit to gain his approval.


  2. “Yet, when the “senior pastor” preached on false teachers, he refused to mention a single name – allowing each person to fill in the blank as he saw fit. ”

    Thas ok Manfred, at the old AOG church we attended (shame on us) the “senior” pastor did the same thing – but then would openly endorse benny hinn and joyce meyer from the pulpit. Who were these false teachers he was talking about than? None probably, he just wanted to seem like he was on the gaurd against some mysterious people called false teachers.


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