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We speak with disdain of politicians not limiting their spending to available revenues. But our national  debt is an extension of the same irresponsible mentality many of us demonstrate in our own lives. Home mortgages, auto loans, and credit cards all seem normal to us . . . . We drive our bank-financed cars, running on credit card gas, to open a department store charge account so we can fill our savings and loan-funded homes with installment-purchased furniture. We’re living a lie and hocking the future to finance it.

– Randy Alcorn

5 thoughts on “Quotes (920)

  1. I’ve always found Randy’s teaching to be much more biblical than that of the more popular Dave Ramsey. I think Ramsey has a larger following because he speaks so much of how easy it is to obtain wealth once the listener/reader is debt free.

    It is very sad that many Christian families must have both parents work in order to pay the interest on all of their loans each month. The cycle leads to little family time and the children being raised by a third party. It is hard to train a child in the way he is to go when all your time must be spent working to pay for things that are not necessary. May true Christians repent of their greed and turn their hearts toward the kingdom and raising Godly families.


  2. Randy your teaching is inspirational – we live in a sad consumerist society that destroys families with debt and anguish. We covet our neighbors electrical applainces, we lust after Ipads and mix all this in with the celebration of the birth of our Lord.


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