New Age vs Christianity

New Age vs Christianity



New Age


God God does not exist; belief in God results from superstition Pantheism: God is impersonal; is above good and evil; everything is God God is the triune, eternal, personal, almighty, sovereign, all-knowing, loving, just and holy Creator
Metaphysics The natural order is eternal, self-sufficient and uncreated. It is ultimately matter/energy The world is divine The world was created by God
Epistemology Human sense experience; the scientific method Truth lies within every human; it is attained through states and mystical consciousness Truth has objective standing; it is independent of human desire; functional view of truth is false. Humans can know because God created them as rational creatures
Ethics Ethics is relative Ethics is relative Ethics is not relative. The moral law grounded in the being of God
Humans Humans are highly evolved animals Humans are spiritual beings who are gods Humans are creatures made in the image of God
Basic Human Problems Superstition and ignorance Ignorance of our true human potential Sinners in rebellion against God
Solution to the Human Problem Scientific advancement and technology Transformation of consciousness Salvation by faith in the finished work of Christ
Death The end of human existence An illusion; the entrance to the next life The end of our earthly life; eternal life for the believer and eternal wrath for the unbeliever
Jesus Christ A merely human teacher One of many gurus or master teachers from history The unique incarnation of God; the only Lord and Savior


Taken from Worldviews in Conflict by Ronald H., Nash, pages 139 & 140; slightly modified.

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