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Anyone who is involved in personal evangelism can share countless examples of persons who, though presently living in gross sin, will nonetheless tell the evangelist that they are fine because they “made a decision for Christ” a certain number of years ago. They have never had any change in their life; they have no interest in church, the Bible, or even God. But they have made their “decision.” Can we not see how dangerous such a system is to the souls of men?

Jim Ehrhard

4 thoughts on “Quotes (932)

  1. Well here in Belfast practically everyone has at one time or another made a decision for Christ!! and its terrifying!!!!!!! the seed that was sown many years ago (and still is being) has now produced its harvest, and that is False converts who actually believe there truly saved, but just at this minute there a “backslider”!!!!!!!!!!!!! when you speak to these people you realise two things 1, the foolishness of men 2, no hope without Christ. In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.


  2. Yep, this quote hits the nail on the head, especially in the Bible Belt. That’s why an emphasis on “decisionism” in evangelism is so criminal! In addition to inoculating many to the biblical gospel and giving eternal hope to many who have no business hoping, this practice infiltrates goats alongside the sheep in our churches. And we wonder why the institutional church has a divorce rate rivaling that of the world, why churched teens are as promiscuous as their unchurched counterparts, etc.


  3. To add to Bill’s brief list above….and why the visible, institutional church has….

    -as many men addicted to impurity as the rest of the world,
    -as many people who use anti-depressant chemicals to alter mood,
    -as many children diagnosed with a ‘malady’ called ADHD,
    -as many families filing for bankruptcy protection as their neighbors,
    -as many teens who experiment with the drug of alcohol or others,
    -buildings full of people who will NOT tolerate a man who preaches Biblically,
    -pulpits full of men (and women) who are not Christians,
    -worship that is to an “unknown god.”

    A “decisional” form of soteriology is a potentially damning one, and I truly believe Dispensationalism and/or the “carnal Christian” doctrine has furthered the erosion we’ve seen in the evangelical church today.



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