The most terrifying truth in Scripture.



3 thoughts on “The most terrifying truth in Scripture.

  1. I have this video on my site…on a side page. Paul Washer has such a Godly heart…I am truly thankful for him and his ministry! 🙂


  2. I too have found Mr. Washer’s sermons to be edifying at times. One of the better ones I heard him preach was entitled “10 Indictments Against Today’s Church.” Regarding this snip of video above, I think his assertion of “God is good” as the most terrifying truth in Scripture, is, although I understand what he means, arguable.

    I don’t know if I’m allowed to post links to websites on this blog site, and if I’m not I apologize up-front for posting this link, but here’s link to a 4 minute video that’s been obviously edited and “enhanced” which shows preaching on the terrifying realities of what’s coming upon the death of the unconverted.

    The preacher is Dr. Albert N. Martin, and the sermon from which the video was made is from a larger series of sermons he preached entitled “Signposts to the Celestial City” many years ago.


    I appreciate Mr. Washer’s stance on the subject, and have found him to generally be a faithful speaker. One two-hour sermon that he preached a few years, entitled “10 Indictments Against the Modern Church” I found of peculiar interest, and was edified. Worth a listen.

    As to this video clip, it’s arguable that “God is good” is the most terrifying passage in the Scripture, but as he explains it, he made a compelling assertion.

    I don’t know if I’m allowed to post links to other videos on this blog, so forgive me if I’m not as I post this one.

    Herein contains some “terrifying” truth(s) in an “I’ll Be Honest” production from Dr. Albert N. Martin. This largely edited version was taken from a series Pr. Martin preached many years ago, entitled “Signposts To the Celestial City.” Terrifying……….if you’re not a believer.



  3. False presupposition – to say the most terrifying Truth in Scripture is that God is good is a mere shock statement. As pointed out in the video, it is God’s justice and holiness that condemns men.


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