Monumental concerns.

There are many voices of concern emerging  regarding Kirk Cameron’s new movie, Monumental. Here is a sampling:

Concerns About Kirk Cameron’s Movie “Monumental”

Monumental Disappointment

Monumental Confusion

Monumental Movie: A Review


10 thoughts on “Monumental concerns.

  1. I believe it’s important to remember that Mr. Cameron is in the business to sell tickets, and make a profit. In order to do that, he (and the organization funding the creation of the movie) have to balance the message(s) in the content. On the one hand, it has to be entertaining, and on the other hand it is likely intended to be compelling toward an underlying point. Now, I admit I haven’t seen the movie, but I’m guessing, from reading a portion of the reviews above, it’s more focused on history and less focused on evangelism. There’s a time and a season for both, no?



  2. I think the problem is that if it is focused on history, Cameron is getting some of his history wrong. The Crosswalk article points that out beautifully.


  3. Fellowship with Mormons and Masons and post-mil theonomists is bad medicine and does not speak well about Kirk Cameron. Of course, neither did the Left Behind movies.


  4. I would even assert that true fellowship is not even possible with Mormons, Masons, and post-mil theonomists (I’m not even sure what those are, but they don’t sound like Christians). This movie isn’t fellowship though. It’s a business arrangement. One could argue it’s not good practice to go into a business arrangement with a Mormon, a Mason, a Roman Catholic, an Atheist, etc. After all, they’re all not Christian. Honestly, I see nothing wrong with Kirk Cameron’s venture here, and I haven’t even seen the movie.

    What I struggle with is the underlying “cloaking” of Christianity in a secular movie, so as to “take back our country” from the leftist, Marxist, “greeny,” whack-job liberals and pagans. The only way we’ll ever get back to a country which, by and large, fears God is through a God-caused revival. Once people’s hearts are converted, politics and culture will take care of themselves.

    I don’t believe that making a movie about how our country was founded, and talking about God in our nation’s historical context is wrong at all. I prefer that over the vast majority of what Hollywood spews out almost daily. However, I also don’t believe it’s the proper tool to bring about what Mr. Cameron, David Barton, Jay Sekulow, and the other “movers and shakers” in the evangelical spotlight are ultimately seeking. That’s God’s job, through His Word and His church.

    Just a few more rambling thoughts for a Monday afternoon.



  5. “Fellowship with Mormons and Masons and post-mil theonomists is bad medicine and does not speak well about Kirk Cameron. Of course, neither did the Left Behind movies.”

    Many evangelicals join with catholics/mormons/fill-in-the-blanks to support a “good cause” such as conservative politics, protesting abortion, etc. This is what happens when Christs kingdom and His Gospel get confused with nation state america and its gospel of diestic morality. Our kingdom is not of the world if we truly belong to Christ. Hope that Kirk will see the error and go back to making solid Christ honoring evangelism teachings.



  6. Kirk Cameron is not on this earth for Kirk Cameron and nor are any of us Christians. We are here to spread the Gospel. There are people dying who have never ever heard the name of Jesus and our primary concern should be the GOSPEL not America. How utterly sad to see a Christian only thinking of themselves and trying to make life on this earth better. What about people who are poor and will never see 1-10th of what we have. We are spoiled rotten here in the USA. How about we live for Christ by dying to SELF? ALL that we have is GOD’S GRACE ~

    to join hands with a mormon(any mormon) for the sake of America,, come on Kirk have you lost your mind? God is not for what Kirk is doing at all…

    We need to repent of this egregious sin. Jesus Christ called us to DIE to SELF and embrace the CROSS ~~


  7. The idea that every movie made by Christians should be responsible for what the Church is called to do is ridiculous. Art (film, music, architecture, literature, fashion, painting, ex) cannot redeem humanity.

    I think the historical inaccuracies and the confusion and distinction between the two kingdoms is what is very problematic.


  8. Fellowship with Mormons and Masons and post-mil theonomists is bad medicine

    Easy there. Mormons and Masons, yes.
    Post-mil theonomists are fellow believers in Jesus. This is sorta like saying:

    Fellowship with Muslims and Baha’i and pre-mil dispensationalists is bad medicine


  9. I have a concern about elders and pastors. I would like to see an article such as ” How not to think and behave as a hireling” or ” how to shepherd with humility rather than rule like a prideful bully” or “according to Titus 1:9 if your not an apologist for the faith your not qualified to be an elder, get with it or resign” or ” how to recieve input from non-elders without feeling threatened or dimismissing it with prideful arrogance.” or ” which do you love more your flock or you power your position and your pocketbook”


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