Sermon of the Week: “The Lordship of Christ” by Dr. Adrian Rogers.

This last week I was blessed to hear a sermon once preached by the late Pastor Adrian Rogers on the lordship of Jesus Christ. I found this sermon to be a very powerful reminder that every aspect of my life must be surrendered to Christ, that He is to be Lord over it all. So often I can get prideful because of what I think I am capable of. Yet, God must constantly remind me there is not one thing in my life that is my own. He consistently humbles me and brings me back to the place where I remember I am merely the clay pot He has created and used for his glory. It is my sincere hope that this sermon serves to remind you of that as well.

Please follow the link provided and click on the “play” button to hear this sermon:

The Lordship of Christ

4 thoughts on “Sermon of the Week: “The Lordship of Christ” by Dr. Adrian Rogers.

  1. I’ve enjoyed listening to Pastor Rogers for years, and, for the most part, been edified by him. I listened to the sermon this morning, and was actually pleasantly surprised by the content.

    Commitment vs. Surrender….very good point.

    I hadn’t heard him preach on the lordship of Christ before, and from his Arminian perspective, he almost sounded like a Calvinist in this message. It’s too bad there aren’t more authoritative preachers, like Rogers, in today’s version of Christianity. Thanks for posting this Chris.



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