Sermon of the week: “Is Justification Enough?” by Phil Johnson.

Your sermon of the week is a great one by Phil Johnson entitled, Is Justification Enough? (Why the things of first importance are not of only importance).

In light of several recent comment threads on DefCon, this message is very timely.

5 thoughts on “Sermon of the week: “Is Justification Enough?” by Phil Johnson.

  1. Wow! Calls a spade a spade, doesn’t he? What an excellent presentation of truth. He said exactly what I’ve been saying for the last 10-15 years. Of course, he said it better than I could/would’ve. Graciously.

    Keep these kind of messages coming Pilgrim.



  2. I had the pleasure of hearing Johnson in person for this one. Good message, indeed! Al Mohler’s sermon that same day was stellar and confirmed what I believe about the call of God on those who preach.


  3. Don’t know him. Listened to the hour and twenty minutes more or less message and have a couple of points I would make.

    One has to do with the hireling issue, first pointed to from his referring to Acts 20 and his citation there and then later on in the message he makes reference to hirelings also.

    Second thing has to do with the little emphasis he had placed on the “Kingdom” component of the Gospel of the Kingdom. I don’t see the one without the other unless they are on par albeit the Apostle Paul writes about pressing on to apprehend Christ living in the power of the resurrection and the Life (see Philippians 3) this side of Glory.

    First then is this matter of a hireling. A hireling is someone who is looking to be paid to shepherd others. In the fuller context of the Gospel message that Paul preached and the many places in his writings where he raises the issue of “working” one wonders if Phil Johnson has a day job like the Apostles Barnabas and Paul? When you look at the full context of those verses in Acts 20 you see why in other places in his writings Paul says what he says that he brings the Gospel free of charge to some, taking from others support for the mission he is on and had been appointed too by the Lord directly from Heaven.

    So, to the question of the hireling and their preaching of the Gospel, his point is well taken. Absolutely he embraces that matter but for me I would have enhanced it more to include the reality of the Pastor to manifest “fruit” of the Kingdom that makes the Gospel a full experience for the True Believer who is following him or them as their Shepherd/s on earth while they too are sojourning through the world until the day of passing.

    As for the Gospel of the Kingdom, Jesus, after all, did teach us to pray “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done “on” earth as it is in Heaven. This for me suggests there is more I can come into in this life before I pass besides receiving a full pardon, a justification by Faith in the finished work of the Cross.

    Thanks for sharing his message. Overall, other than those two things, it certainly was well expressed and he is certainly a man full of knowledge, historical and spiritual!


  4. To say that justification by faith is not enough is to imply that Jesus Christ is not enough. The thief who was crucified alongside Jesus did not know and therefore could not have understood the full counsel or gamut of the Gospel but does that mean his justification by faith was not enough? I don’t think so. 1 Cor. 1:30 says that Jesus IS our righteousness (sanctification) and that He imputes His righteousness to whosoever believes. The question Calvinists need to answer is not: “Is justification by faith enough.” They ought to ask: “If faith is necessary (a precondition) for the imputation of Christ’s righteousness, why do reformed theologians believe that the elect first need to be made righteous (monergistic imputed righteousness without faith) and then be given the gift of faith?” Is this the Gospel (Good News)?


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