Sermon of the Week: “The Calling of a Preacher” by Albert Mohler.

Albert Mohler was one the key-note speakers at the 2012 Shepherd’s Conference. While there were several excellent speakers throughout the event, this message from Mohler was timely and relevant to me personally – and seemed to resonate with the two or three thousand others gathered there as well. Here is an excerpt from his introduction, full message in video below, mp3 download here (right click and save or click to listen).

Let’s admit it. There’s a lot of mysteries in the christian life, but one of the greatest mysteries is why God would in His sovereign, omnipotent and omniscient, and wisdom and righteousness, and mercy choose the likes of folks as we… to do this. You might think that if we were orchestrating this, we might have angels doing the preaching. Everybody would listen to an angel, wouldn’t they? Of course,  not American angels. We domesticate little angels, we paint little pictures of cherubs and hang them in the bathroom. It’s a completely different reality. Just remember in the Gospel of Luke, the angelic hosts showed up to the shepherds and the first think they had to say is, “First of all, don’t die” – “Fear not, we bring you tidings of great joy”. Meanwhile, most Americans, in our weirdo, fake, postmodern spirituality think they’re channeling with little cherubs in the bathroom.

But God doesn’t assign angels to do the preaching. He assigned human preachers, men whom He has called because when an angel shows up to preach you don’t ask, “How did God do that?”. But, when we show up to preach you’re looking at me going (saying), “He’s just flesh and blood. He’s nearsighted. He only speaks one language. He’s gonna be hungry soon. He fell asleep during a Greek lecture, thirty something years ago and you’re letting him preach?” Well, it’s as the apostle Paul says, “It’s so that the glory would be all of God’s and not ours. So that the excellence would be His excellence that’s demonstrated and not ours.”

Admit it: you’d love to be doing this, and then admit it: That’s a good thing. And then let’s just admit it together, it’s just a priceless thing that we get to be together for these days and these hours, to preach and to hear preaching and to be encouraged, not only by each other, but by the Holy Spirit of God in this calling that has come to us.

9 thoughts on “Sermon of the Week: “The Calling of a Preacher” by Albert Mohler.

  1. Linda:
    Had you been there, you would have had to stand outside; for men only!! :<)
    I have been blessed to attend for some years. Al Mohler is a champion!


  2. Thanks for the encouragement. Between Mohler and Baucham, I would be hard pressed to select my favorite key-note from the 2012 Shepherd’s Conference. Mohler’s directly impacted me regarding my desire to serve as an elder/pastor in a small church and Baucham’s would be most excellent for anyone married or thinking about it. If there’s interest, I will see if Pilgrim wants that posted as next week’s sermon of the week.


  3. Manfred:
    Don’t know if you had a chance to hear the breakout session with Steve Lawson on “Suprgeon the Evangelist”! It absolutely brought the house down!!


  4. Rev Limiter – I was not at Lawson’s message on Spurgeon; there were too many good choices and I had need of another break-out session 🙂

    Slimjim – I am in an elder training program at my church and we were invited to go to that conference with our elders. It was very good with a little bit of “what were they thinking?” thrown in.


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