Quotes (940)

God’s unblemished holiness is reflective of His unrelenting hatred of sin. His undeserving mercy is inconceivable in view of His unyielding justice. Yet His unconditional love is grounded in His unmerited grace.

– Mike Gendron

3 thoughts on “Quotes (940)

  1. that’s just an absolutely beautiful and apt truth so summed up to the fact that Holy is the LORD. so much for those claiming they can please God or that God approves of their lifestyle of sin thinking God approves of such idolatrous ways.

    so much for those who are so deceived to actually become bold in their ways thinking they can keep their sin and be a Cristian. we cannot serve 2 masters and God has made it very clear -Deu 5:7 “You shall have no other gods before me.”


  2. After walking with Him all these years, His love, grace and mercy is more overwhelming with each new day!
    As the song says, “OH, WHAT A SAVIOR!”


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