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There is, then, available in this world a sure message from God, tried and true, unfailing and unchanging, and it needs to be proclaimed so that all may know it. The messenger who delivers it will have the dignity of being God’s spokesman and ambassador. Nor self-aggrandizement or self-advertisement is involved, for the messenger neither invents his message nor asks for attention in his own name. He is a minister – that is, a servant – of God, of Christ, and of the Word. He is a steward of God’s revealed mysteries, called not to be brilliant and original but diligent and faithful (1 Cor 4:1-2). Yet to be God’s messenger – to run His errands, act as His courier, and spend one’s strength making Him known – is the highest honor that any human being ever enjoys. The servant’s dignity derives fro the dignity of his employer, and the work he is set to do.

– James Inell Packer

6 thoughts on “Quotes (944)

  1. Amen and amen! This is the message of every faithful witness to the One Who is THE Faithful Witness. HIM we proclaim! Not with words of human wisdom, lest anyone’s faith rest on such. The Word of God is our foundation and the biblical gospel of the risen Lord Jesus is our only message. To Him be all honor and glory and wisdom and dominion in this age and the age to come.


  2. Isn’t it brilliant? It came from Samuel Logan’s Preachers and Preaching book, which is filled with great articles by many men.


  3. Excellent! I could listen to men who are being used as God’s mouthpiece because the word of God dwells in them richly all day.. WE have the privilege and honor of carrying the most important and most glorious message to people-“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life and he who wins souls is wise”-Pr.11:30..

    Oh that we even are given such an honor to do so is beyond me.. To God be all the glory and honor and we are just mere servants of the Only True Living GOD

    “,,, The fountain of wisdom is a bubbling brook”-Pr.18:4b


  4. To be trusted as a steward with words that are literally living with the Life that is Christ Himself – is so beyond wonderful – it is deeply humbling and overwhelming. I love you God so much for that!! Thanks for this quote!!


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