Deacon Ministry in a Reformed Baptist Church

One of the hallmarks of reformed theology is captured in the cry of Sola Scriptura! We recall from 2 Peter 1:3 that the Lord has given us all we need for life and godliness – and this applies no less to life in the local church than to the individual Christian. As we consider the various way local churches deploy the office of deacon, it is painfully apparent that many of us have lost sight of the completeness of the wisdom our Lord has provided us and the reason for it – that how we serve Him and one another would be to the glory of His name and the good of His people.

The Scriptures are clear in describing two distinct offices (by this I mean positions with defined responsibilities) within the local church: elder/overseer/pastor and deacon are identified and qualified in 1 Tim 3. The men who serve in these offices are co-laborers, with distinctly different roles within the church. The account in Acts 6 gives a clear delineation between the two offices (with the Apostles as the spiritual shepherds at this time, prior to New Covenant elders), showing the service aspect of deacon ministry contrasted with the ministry of the word and prayer.
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4 thoughts on “Deacon Ministry in a Reformed Baptist Church

  1. It is truely amazing how we are over and over reminded by such as Manfred, Chris and others the direction Christ desires His Church to go in.
    Thank you Manfred for an excellant post but I wonder just how many churches will use it to take stock of where they are and amend their position accordingly.
    Why, I’m not sure, but when I look at myself and my church I am reminded of Christ’s words when he lamanted in Mat 23:37.


  2. Thanks for your kind words, pilgrim. We cannot determine what is right and honorable by fixing our attention on the results we may attain – we can plant and water but the Lord gives the increase. Let us be faithful with the message of Truth God has given us and – as you mentioned – examine ourselves as we go. Those who do not heed God’s Word cannot, as Matt 23:37 makes clear.

    Blessings in Christ – to the called.


  3. When we cease to use the term “office” (yes Manfred you did give a distinction, thank you!) and start seeing this as a function, along with the clear picture from scripture of these men being the least and servant to all…including the minister. Then perhaps we will see Jesus’ teaching of Him alone as Head, and we all being kings and priests…and no laity at all in His Ekklisia. Thus those who are older in the faith, being elders can be about the business of serving the youngers, by accurately teaching all to preach the gospel of Good News to the lost and dying OUTSIDE the congregation of the saints. The picture of guides well fits this “office.” Once we the priests who go out preaching the Good News to the lost and dying see the fruit of the Holy Spirit being manifest in the repenting one, then and only then should that person be brought in to the congregation of the saints to also be discipled! Oh, and when we have a man(fred! 🙂 who can both teach within the congregation of the saints, and go out to “preach” (that is when that term is apropos) to the lost, well then that man is worth double honor (not more pay).
    Yes! Amen, by what scripture actually teaches alone, and to hell with the traditions of flesh men!

    Can we see this parallel? The Jews said to Moses, “you go and hear from God, then come back and tell us what He has said, for we don’t want to die, for what man has seen God and lives?”
    Today, we go to ‘anointed men” to go hear from God for us, for truly we don’t want our flesh death either!” This is the issue in the religious system today. Voddie is a breath of fresh air in this day of harlots riding the beast system! Thanks again Manfred!


  4. I just returned from a weekend at a “Free Will Baptist Church” with Voddie as the featured speaker. He is a breath of Truth, with a determined focus of not poling people in the eye – simply showing them what the Bible teaches about man and God. More than a couple times I’ve seen people who belong to churches that teach Pelagian doctrine have their eyes opened to biblical Truth and be thankful to God for my pastor’s teaching.

    (The article on deacon ministry is one I wrote.)


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