Drama in the SBC over Calvinism.

john-calvin-speaking-at-the-councilThis article is worth the time to read. We find a great internal battle brewing in the Southern Baptist Convention over the Doctrines of Grace, Calvinism, and Reformed thought. This is a debate that needs to occur from a Biblical perspective and not from a tradition or opinion perspective. This open letter calls for the resignation of Dr. Albert Mohler and others. Here is a quote to give you a taste of the tone:

“Those responsible for these self-produced changes need to go. Make no mistake about it, the change that has been brought on the SBC by the efforts of a few Calvinists is what is causing the divisiveness in the convention today.

Once these individuals have stepped aside, the divisiveness could begin to subside and hope for cooperation could begin once again between Calvinists and non-calvinists in the SBC. One thing is clear; if these individuals are allowed to maintain the status quo, the divisiveness will only get worse as non-calvinists are made aware of what has actually taken place and what will no doubt continue to transpire until the goal of a Reformed SBC is indeed a reality.”

These are bold assertions. We know that revival and reformation come with pain and, yes, with division. I look forward to the response from Mohler, Dever, Ascol, and the others. Stand firm in the Lord, Gentleman.




14 thoughts on “Drama in the SBC over Calvinism.

  1. To the extent that Calvin taught with scriptural accuracy, and to the extent that these men too walk in that accuracy, what really is the issue. Reformation theology was a return to scriptural authority and accuracy, and has been attacked since day one by liberals preaching a broader road theology. Calvin, for all his problems isn’t the problem nor is reformed theology…As always it is the liberal mentality and the infusion of influence/cash from organizations pushing a one world ecumenical unity in diversity that is the problem. People walking a narrow road theology are seen as intolerant by those who fancy themselves as broad minded. Throw in a synagog of satan that prefers tithes from goats while teaching as life coaches as it pays far better then the few sheep who choose to remain in their sytem and you get this sort of nonsense as the certain outcome. Remember biblical christianity is not by nature always attacking, rather it is the strategy of those under the influence of the prince of this world who continues attacking those basic biblical truths often referred to as the solas.


  2. Wow, what a sad article….

    “The SBC does not need this kind of theology. If Reformed Theology is correct and God and God alone determines who is and is not saved and the elect will be saved because that is His sovereign plan and work,…”

    I’m grateful God and God alone called me out of the misery of my despair. I had no hope in and of myself. I’m humbled that God’s theology still saves…

    Praise God for your article abidingthroughgrace.


  3. That term of “hijacking” and “infiltration” in the actual article that’s being linked is even more scarier than what you cited. Scary that such loaded terms are being used to describe Calvinists among the SBC.


  4. A question that is always near in our church meetings is whether or not we should stay in the SBC. Mohler, Ascol, Akins, Baucham and the like are encouragements to many “lesser names” who serve small churches with the fear of the Lord and love for His people. Man pleasers who build on numbers rather than on the Rock will make lots of noise (as did the house when it fell) as they pound on the sand of Charles Finney’s lies.


  5. The gist of the argument in a 2 hour you tube which is a must watch for biblical christians…Yes sound doctrine does take enduring!

    There is more here then you think you already know…


  6. When the “statement of faith” (or whatever they called it) was issued just prior to the convention this summer it started the pot to boiling. They lied when they made the claim that their view of the Gospel and how a man is saved was the SBC view from it’s beginning.One would be hard pressed to find anything biblical in any of their declarations. As for Mohler, his “response” was tepid at best, one that I consider to be “non-responsive”. Ascol was no better as he and I went head to head over the issues. He was more interested in “unity, no matter what” than he was in defending the faith. If the argument is to be settled once and for all, then sides must be taken and no quarter found for the heresy being spewed out by those who wrote, signed, or agree with the Arminian, Finney style of another gospel. Both points of view cannot be correct: either both are wrong, or one is wrong with the other being right. Those who claim to be “reformed” and yet find room for the HERESY taught by these men for the sake of “unity” are no better than the ones teaching these lies. In fact, they are worse, being rank hypocrites. The true unity of the Spirit has been hi-jacked by those who preach this other gospel. And make no mistake about it, it is another gospel of the Gal. 1:6-9 variety.

    As for the SBC as a whole, it’s time that it be divided. Enough calls for repentance have been made and yet the arminian heresy is allowed to grow, flourish and overcome the truth of the Gospel—–WHY? For those churches who really believe the Gospel, pack your bags and get out of the SBC. It is over run by false doctrine/teaching on all too many fronts. How is it possible to honor our Savior and be in league with these devils? And yes, a church is in league with them as long as money, time, support, and place is allowed for the preaching of another gospel by those who are still in their sins and yet claim to be saved. Whom will you serve? These lying, two-faced, deceivers, or the Lord Christ?



  7. The question that I have thinking through some of this over the last few days is if the guys being called to resign, like Mohler for example, will hold the line of the Doctrines of Grace or if they will roll over for the job. Mohler’s job is pretty sweet. It would be a big move if he stepped down or was released for not meeting the SBC statement of faith. I’m not sure how the SBC could change. This is likely moving towards a denomination split.


  8. Thank you for posting the original diatribe by Mr. sbcissues, whoever he is hiding in anonymity. Having posted there this AM (but doubt that it will be approved) it must be said that the level of wickedness on many fronts is appalling. Not only is his doctrine all wrong, but he has the gall to call for the removal of those who would defend the faith. Any resignation on those grounds would be capitulation to their heresy and a denial of the faith. Excepting the fact that no threat of physical harm was made, how does this differ from what Christians have faced for the past 2000 years? Recant or die!!! If anyone were to resign their post because of this issue, their credibility would fall to zero. Most definately a “professional death”.


  9. gracealone1, yes, most certainly. Unfortunately, professionalism is the way of these these days in most public ministry. I, personally, am happy to see a debate over the Doctrines of Grace in the main stream discussion these days. There are so many areas in the American church today where the Doctrines of Grace (true one and only doctrine) is covered over and hidden from the sheep. It took me many years before I was exposed to teaching that didn’t try to work around election and God’s sovereign plan for redemption in the Word. We immediately had a personal reformation in our faith…but it took years to wade through the smoke and mirrors. My prayer is that others out there will be exposed to these things and they would be inspired to study the scriptures with this perspective – regardless of what happens with Mohler and the others.


  10. Reblogged this on Preacher12's Blog and commented:
    I hope they never resign, but I would be the last to judge them if they did. I left the SBC nearly seven years ago. Here where I live in central Idaho there is not one SB Church that teaches the true Doctrines of Grace, Calvinism, and Reformed thought.


  11. Reblogged this on Preacher12's Blog and commented:
    I hope they never resign, but I would be the last to judge them if they did. I left the SBC nearly seven years ago. Here where I live in central Idaho there is not one SB Church that teaches the true Doctrines of Grace, Calvinism, and Reformed thought.


  12. The tenets of Calvinism, as consistently taught throughout God’s Word, inspire the utmost confidence in God’s will and ability, not ours, to convert sinners to Christ through proper reliance on the necessary work of the Holy Spirit to prepare hearts/minds to believe the preached Word, not primarily man-made methodology (organization and advertising) as is prominent in modern advertising today.

    Let us look closely at the doctrines of grace in relation to evangelism. None of us has any claim on God’s grace. God is not obligated to save any because of what sin, not He, has made us–spiritually dead, blind and rebellious sinners (Eph. 2:1; 1 Cor. 2:14; Romans 8:7). , God would be perfectly just in saving none. God cannot and will not repent for anyone; we must do that for ourselves, through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit in regeneration (the new birth), of course.

    God command that we evangelize. By His sovereign decree He not only purposes the ends of human events–the salvation of His chosen people, both Jew and Gentile (2 Thess. 2:13-14; Mark 13:20; Acts 13:48; John 6:37; 17:2, 6,9,11,12, 20, 24)—but He also ordains the means to those ends; namely, the means of preaching “in demonstration of the Spirit and of power” (1 Cor. 2:4) through human instruments to bring people to Christ. Also, because we don’t know who the elect are and those who have been regenerated (born again) by the Spirit don’t come to Christ because they believe they are elect—-rather, they believe they are elect after they have been brought to a saving faith in Jesus Christ (Acts 16:14; James 1:18)—it should increase our compassion and zeal for the lost.

    The real goal of evangelism is to provide loving relationships within the structure of the local church, in which those who are truly regenerate may be properly taught and grounded in the Word of God and given opportunities to develop their spiritual gifts for effective service to God.


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