Is it Time for Christians to Abandon the Republican Party?

Following the re-election of Barack Obama, many people have speculated as to what the Republican Party did wrong and what needs to change for them to win in the next election. While many people, including those of us who are Christians, would point to the fact that nominating a moderate candidate, one who did not hold to consitutional and yes, even biblical principles, when it comes to issues of life and marraige, would account for the loss, many are arguing just the opposite. In the last few weeks, some startling claims have been made by those with whom we Christians have been enamored. In fact, those claims are leveled specifically at those of us who hold to a truly biblical mindset, and they are holding us at fault. As those of the “conservative” political movement seek to distance themselves from biblical Christianity, the question becomes, should Christians continue to blindly support the Republican Party, or is it time to abandon this sinking ship altogether?

If you think I am being a bit melodramatic, let me cite a few examples. On November 21, 2012, Ann Coulter wrote an opininion piece in the Daily Caller in which she blasted those of a conservative mindset for blaming the loss of the election on Mitt Romney not being conservative enough. Among the comments she made, she took the stance that those who hold to the “insane postition” of rape not being an exception for abortion were “moron showoffs.” Likewise, everyone’s favorite liberal media personality turned “conservative,” Bernie Goldberg made similar statements in his November 18, 2012 article. He makes the statement that Republicans “…need to make clear that they are not the party of religious zealots who take their marching orders from the Bible.” Additionally, on a recent appearance on Bill O’Reilly’s program, he said that Republicans need to “stop this Bible-based gay bashing.”

These two political spokepersons hold the attention of quite a few people. They did not get to their current state of popularity simply by chance. They have found that there are many folks who are willing to listen to their political advise and have used that voice to influence many a mind. So much so that Arizona Senator John McCain openly stated on Fox News that Republicans need to have a “bigger tent” regarding various political views and should “leave the issue alone,” when it comes to abortion. Now, it is well known that Senator McCain is a moderate politician, but his willingness to make these statements openly is indicative of the change we are seeing within the Republican party.

The reason I am writing this article is to once again challenge our readers, as we have done on more than one occasion here, to stop viewing the political process as the means by which we are to “save” this country. There have been many Christians who have sounded the trumpet warning the church that an alliance to a specific political party was unwise, especially as more and more compromises were made. Yet, those of us who have made such proclamations have been met with intense opposition, insisting that such alliance were absolutely necessary. We have heard such claims as “You might as well vote for the other guy,” “You’re throwing your vote away,” “If you don’t vote for ‘our guy’ you are paving the way for evil to flourish,” “Don’t you want to guarantee you religious liberties?” and so forth. Each argument was designed to justify the continued support of the Republican party in what is believed to be the only “valid option” in a two party system.

Yet, the sampling of articles listed above indicates that such loyalty is not reciprocative. In fact, the Republican party is little more than a political entity looking to obtain, and maintain, power. If the party heads sense that the political winds have changed in our country, and that holding to conservative (and especially biblical) principles will prevent them from getting power, they will change their stance post haste. We are seeing that effect now, and Christians are squarely in the crosshairs of those who are faulting Republican failures on holding to these moral issues. They are demonstrating that if Christians are seen as a liability, then the Church’s vote will no longer be courted.

This should be a wake up call to the Church. It should cause us to realize that this nation cannot, and will not be won through politics. As I have argued before, I am not saying that Christians should not vote. I believe we have the unique opportunity to be a part of the governmental process in our country. As such, Christians should vote responsibly and be well informed on the issues. That being said, we should no longer align ourselves with a specific party, especially one that has demonstrated it sees us as the problem. We have given ourselves to this political machine for years, yet precious little has been accomplished. And along the way, we stopped being about the work of the kingdom of God and became serfs in the kingdom of politics.

Christians need to re-evaluate their stance in politics and this recent election is the proof we never should have needed. I pray that Christians wake up to this now and start changing their attitude about who their allegiance belongs to.

39 thoughts on “Is it Time for Christians to Abandon the Republican Party?

  1. I don’t align myself with any political party, because they are all corrupt. But I will always vote against the Demokratic party by voting for the opposing party. I believe the Demokratic party is the worst party for America, and is the one with the most ungodly tenets in their party platform.


  2. I did it again. I voted for the Republican candidate due to the notion that the Republican candidate is more closely aligned with what I believe – smaller government, personal freedom, lower taxes, pro-life, etc… But believe me, just like in 2008, I really, really, didn’t want to vote for the Republican candidate, for reasons such as him being a Mormon, someone who created RomneyCare in Massachusetts, and someone who was basically picked as the nominee by the higher-ups in the Republican party against the will of the majority of Americans. The higher-ups also picked McCain to represent the Republican party in 2008, knowing full well the majority of Americans weren’t on board with that poor choice.

    In 2008, I really, really, didn’t want to, but I caved in, and voted for McCain, because there is no way I would vote for a Democrat for obvious reasons. The odd thing is that with a Democrat, I know what I’m getting, but with Republicans, I’m not so sure what I’m getting, because lately, they have been wimps with weak convictions.

    I don’t know if there is a Republican candidate who is in favor of “no abortion under any circumstance whatsoever – a life is a life, no matter how that life was conceived”. There probably isn’t, so I have to at least choose a candidate that is as close to that concept as possible.

    There are only two parties – the bad and the really bad. So, what am I supposed to do? Watch my vote become useless? Am I wasting my time by voting?

    If Christians abandon the Republican party, then what? Where do we go? A third party? Do you know how many people will vote for this third party “Christian” candidate? Not enough to win an election, that’s for sure. First thing, I think the appropriate thing for Christians to do is to abandon the Democrat party, once and for all, no ifs ands or buts.


  3. Why Christians are so ignorant of history I’ll never know. Wait strike that I do know it’s because pastors are too busy trying to get their money instead of teaching them to obey God. The lame idea that it is my solemn duty to God and man is to choose the lesser of 2 evils is ultimate idiousy and all who use it should instantly lose all credibility. There are many examples I could use to show this but I’ll use this one. Many Germans before WWII had to make a choice who to vote for the socialists or the communists. History shows again and again that the communists are probably the greater evil Stalin,Mao,Pol Pot killed millions. Plus the communists would take everything you own while the socialists might not. So of course the right thing to do is vote for the socialists. That’s how the Nazis came to power. For all the unread people out there the Nazi party was the national socialists. I tell you with all certainty that the true Christians opposed both murderous parties knowing they would lose. Our Lord calls for obediance. If you still haven’t learned that then I don’t know what theology you believe in. Maybe bhuddism is more your style. I agree with the author we need to leave those republican dogs and obey the Lord.


  4. It’s been long over due and it’s time for Christians to abandon politics altogether and quit trying to reform a sinful society. Just stick to the basic’s, witness and expose error, nothing else.

    Let God do the rest.


  5. Christians abandoning politics is the reason we have the leadership we have now. There is nothing unbiblical or un-Christian about exercising voting rights. In the USA, the people decide the government they want. Giving us that freedom seems to me “God” helping us to “do the rest.” He put us here “for a time such as this.”


  6. I would agree that Christians need not abandon politics altogether, which I stated in this article. However, I wholeheartedly disagree that our current leadership is a result of Christians abandoning the voting booth. Christians have been in bed with the republicans since the establishment of the “moral majority” and have been counted as a guaranteed voting bloc for the party as much as minorities are for Democrats. The point here is that the Republicans still want our votes but not our beliefs. I am arguing that it is time that Christians quit blindly following a party that has no interest in forwarding biblical principles.


  7. Just because we can vote doesn’t mean we should.

    Plus true Christians are a minority trying in vain to shape the sinful majority around us, which by the way is unbiblical.

    God says HE establishes and makes the countries rise and fall. HE is the one that has made what the US is today not the Christian voters, thinking that is self-righteous and prideful.

    Also, look in the New Testament, where does is say we are to shape the society around us, it clearly says that the role of Christians in any society in the world whether China or Iran is to be a Witness, be Salt and Light (Which means to be an example of Godliness and preserve and not to fall back from godliness which will witness against the sinful would around us. Matt 5:16) and live peaceably with those around you and serve the Body of Christ with the gifts He has given each of us.
    There is no room in the New Testament for the Christian and politics.
    Remember, we are pilgrims passing through, in no time it will be all over, if the Lord Wills.
    ybiC Troy


  8. The New Testament is SILENT on the subject of politics. Therefore it is a Romans 14 issue and therefore plenty of room for Christians and politics.

    Christian involvement in politics in this nation is just participating in the political process as citizens of this nation, and exercising our rights as citizens (even Paul exercised his rights as a Roman citizen). In this nation the people are ostensibly the government. It isn’t so much as trying to change the culture as it is attempting to employ the best leaders to make the best decisions for the entire country, whether or not the citizens are Christian.


  9. I agree Troy, be they Dictators or “democratically” elected, they are there because God is sovereign and has put them there for his reasons. My poor finite mind will never understand those reasons but i trust that Gos knows what he is doing. Obama will certainly sieve and test the people at least and Christianity thrives in a hostile environment. I would say if Christians are “voting” for peace, christian values and security they have to be careful and ask if this is truly what the Gospel preaches or is God’s will. I was skeptical of so-called “democracy” before i became a Christian, i am now even more convinced it’s an illusion.


  10. Many Christians like to make the democratic process their god. Christians still haven’t learned the basics. The bible teaches that the majority will ALWAYS be evil and the righteous few. Therefore if the bible is true the truly righteous SHOULD lose in this style of government. The only people who can win are evil people or sell outs. The second point is that the bible teaches authority should always flow downward. For example it would be perverse to give kids the authority in a household. Read the story about how the PEOPLE wanted to make Korah their leader when God said Moses was. That shows what God thinks about what the people wanted.

    I do think Christians should remain in the political fight and not just lay down and we should definitely not support God’s enemies. Instead we should unite against these 2 parties. The republicans treat us like their mistress and we should be offended. Our heritage is far greater than theirs. Our King is far greater than their best president. I could go on, but I digress. Onward Christian Soldiers!!!


  11. To the extent that Christians have blindly supported the Republican Party, they should stop. To the extent that they have consistently supported the Republican Party because the only other electable alternative has blatantly and militantly advocated the killing of millions of children, they have been trying to do the best they can with something that is ultimately going to always be a bad situation, but which we have the privilege to try and influence.

    As to Ann Coulter, I just have one answer for the likes of her. In a civilised society, you do not permit a baby to be killed for the crime of his/her father, even if that crime is rape. If that moronic insanity, we need more of it.


  12. Did a little research on the party of the right…ouch.

    Eisenhower appointed Republican Justice Earl Warren who voted to take God out of our schools.

    Nixon appointed Republican Justice Warren Burger who voted to take God out of our maternity wards and who loosened restrictions on pornography.

    Nixon appointed Republican Justice Harry Blackmun who wrote the final ruling in Roe vs. Wade.

    Ronald Reagan appointed Republican Justice Anthony Kennedy who legalized sodomy.

    Ronald Reagan appointed Republican Justice Sandra Day O’Connor who voted against the display of The Ten Commandments in our court houses and who supported abortion and sodomy.

    George H.W. Bush appointed Republican Judge Dennis Jacobs who wrote the majority opinion against the Defense of Marriage Act.

    George W. Bush appointed Republican Justice John Roberts, who wrote the majority opinion upholding Obamacare.

    Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.
    The same generation who embraced Roe vs. Wade is the same generation who will reap Obama’s death panels.

    Nikita Kruschev was absolutely correct when he addressed the Western Ambassadors at the Polish embassy in Moscow on November 18, 1956, where he said the following:
    We will take America without firing a shot…….We will BURY YOU! We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism. “We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.”

    America is now ruled by the immoral majority. They blatantly voted for abortion, marijuana use, homosexual marriage, amnesty to law breakers, the redistribution of wealth, more debt, cut military spending, ban gun ownership (just watch), nationalize industry and universal health-care.

    Let’s abandon efforts to save a corrupt government, but rather, energize ourselves to focus on saving people from the wrath to come.
    Lay down the flag, pick up the cross.
    Let’s care less about elections and more about God’s elect.
    American isn’t coming back, but Jesus is.


  13. God puts his enemies and unrighteous Presidents into power for his purposes and ultimate glory and for our ultimate good regardless of how “corrupt” or anti Christian they are. I would suggest to stop fighting it by the illusion of the ballot box and getting involved personally in worldly politics. Be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves. It’s God who has decided that Christians should face increasing persecution in so-called Christian Countries and has allowed the Humanist/atheist/evolutionist/new age/communitarian/Marxist/Liberal agenda to flourish for his reasons.I point out the corruptions of the world on my own blog in the hope of bringing people back to the Lord as i was a member of the so-called “truth movement” and New Ager myself and this my area of knowledge but i don’t become personally involved as i trust God’s long term plan but i do observe the times hopefully. Be an example to others as the salt and the light without any partisan politics other than observing the general corruption of the world (and especially politics) due to sin from the fall. Please remember our Lords and the apostles commandments regarding not becoming involved with the ways of the world which politics plats a major role. I live in the UK where it’s clear that the same general communitarian/Marxist agenda is promoted no matter who you vote, God is in control, not the illusion of the ballot box. Don’t get me wrong, i get as angry about political corruption and injustice as anyone, but this is my problem to work out as i am a miserable sinner and i have to work to do on loving my enemies but i trust God and our Lord.


  14. I am really embarrassed right now. People in the brethren preaching a defeatist philosophy. They need to stop repeating what they heard their televangelist say. Again a lesson in Christian history is needed. By their philosophy every bad leader is placed there by God and should therefore not be resisted by us. That is so not Christian! Thank the Lord that this seems to be a new type of philosophy. If Christians from our glorious heritage believed this tripe then the US would’ve never existed. We would still be ruled by England. The nazis would’ve taken over all of Europe, the Ottoman empire would’ve conquered Christian Europe. I don’t know if you heard because the government and the church doesn’t teach it, but we beat the Muslim Ottoman empire at Malta and Lepanto crippling them forever. What about operation rescue? Were they in rebellion against God for trying to save unborn babies. Abortions happen so it must be God’s will. We here in America are free. We have the ability to challenge our enemies on every front and we should. Those who’d rather just say ” the Lord is coming soon ” comes across to me as lazy. So do me and every brave Christian out there a favor and keep it to yourself. Yeah we will probably lose, but at least the name of Christ will not be shamed. And we should do it without the republicans who seem not to care for our Lord and his teachings. They don’t want us anyway from what I’ve been reading here and elsewhere.


  15. “So do me and every brave Christian out there a favor and keep it to yourself.”

    What is a brave Christian in your humble opinion?


  16. I respect your question as the word brave has a broad meaning in different contexts. In that context I meant those of us who will continue to stay in the political fight even though our opponents have every advantage and a far greater chance at victory. I should’ve used another word ( maybe determined was more appropriate). I know that there many brothers and sisters who are far more deserving of that title. Operation rescue members are especially brave in my mind. I meant no offense. I was just a little irritated at the idea that we should stand down just because defeat in politics is inevitable. Trust me when I say I have only the utmost Respect for Christians who do what is right regardless of the consequences. Those people bring credibility to the church. I am a history fan so I would say someone like Martin Luther was brave for what he did. So in sum I probably chose the wrong word and I apologize.


  17. Can’t elect godly elders…Can’t select godly pastors…Can’t balance their own check books or maintain a budget themselves thus cottage industries such as Dave Ramsey spring up…Can’t submit to one another out of their love devotion to Jesus, so cottage industries like Focus on the Family and David Lehman spring up…Can’t turn from sexual immorality gambling and many lusts of the flesh so cottage industries spring up called Alpha, overcommers anonamous ad nosium…
    Can’t govern their own children so…You get the point. But do you see the making merchandise of you?
    Tares run the wheat, goats bully the sheep, elders lord it over, Jezebaal teaches, the tower of babel arises again, and we do so many things in His Name…50 million babies aborted on our watch! Denominational churchianity reaps what it sows looking identical to the prophets for profit of Baal at Mt. Carmel all being from God’s chosen people!!!
    And we are worried about the one who can kill the body via his death panels, yet never fearing the One who will kill and cast into hell many who do all these things in His Name yet He knows them not!
    Wake up folks the hour is late! Repent and turn back to the one who’s Name you bear and Who’s Kingdom you are to represent EVERYWHERE, including the halls of Congress!!!

    They have a zeal for a God they know not for their zeal is not according to Holy Spirit knowlege…
    (Some presesent company excluded of course)


  18. So, Mickey, is it your belief that since a lot of people can’t do everything, that nobody should do anything? I am, as usual, trying to make sense of your rant and not seeing your point, other than to attempt to show how much better you are than everybody else.


  19. Still not biting what? I am trying to make sense of what you are saying and can’t. If you feel that explaining clearly what it is your are trying to say is a trap, what does that say about the message you are sending?


  20. Mickey said:

    ” or maintain a budget themselves thus cottage industries such as Dave Ramsey spring up”

    They also use Dave Ramsey as an in to get the pews financially sound enough to tithe to their man made kingdoms. Well played christendom! Well played!


  21. Brandon Jesus did not become flesh to become a political activist or to fight against corrupt worldy systems but to redeem us. There is no such thing as a political or social Gospel. You are trusting your own fallen state and finite mind over the sovereignty of God who knew all that would happen befote time even existed. He upholds every breath you take and knows what he ‘s d doing so i would rely on him and the Gospel for truth and not your own political world changing agenda. Our Lord calls us out of the fallen world not to take part in its fallen politics or philosophy.


  22. Yikes! Like I said its fortunate not all men share your philosophy or else the Nazis would rule the world and Jews would still be hunted and killed! It’s funny how you think that if Jesus lived in a free country which he didn’t ( Rome was the ruling nation and they were not kind to their enemies) that he would be silent on politics. Forgive me for saying that’s just crazy.


  23. YIkes Brandon God is is control thank goodness and is Sovereign despite all yout wordly

    affiliations. Trust him alone. We already know Satan is prince of the world and the world is fallen and corrupt. Wake up to the Gospel and salvation from this world which is not by becoming a worldy political freedom. fighter but by hearing the Gospel


  24. Ok you win brother. Your brilliant rhetoric has given me an epiphany. So now that you’ve converted me please stop demonizing our brothers and sister in the political realm fighting for the lives of the unborn. Forgive their disobedience. They’re only loving their neighbors as themselves as their master commands them. Maybe if we all pray without ceasing they will all one day become as righteous as you. My mistake was promoting their behavior when I should be denouncing them. I just hope they don’t legalize salvery again cause these new school Christian will not stand against it.


  25. While I certainly anticipated that there may be some terse debate over whether we should continue supporting the Republican Party, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Christians would get angry with each over over whether it is biblical to actually vote! The Bible is obviously silent on this matter as there was no representation for Christians at that time. Yet we are called to obey government (Romans 13) as it is God’s instrument for our good. Given that we have the unique opportunity in history to be involved in the government God has established, we should most definitely vote, but do so wisely, without blind trust to a party that opposes God. Yet, if your conscience bothers on this issue, then most certainly abstain from voting (for to violate conscience is to sin). But in no way should Christians be snarking at each other on this matter.


  26. @90210

    One looking for understanding does not typically start with an attack on the messenger’s motives, unless one actually feels they already understand the message and the motive, and just doesn’t like it. You sir are being disingenuous at best…


  27. Brandon said:

    ” So now that you’ve converted me please stop demonizing our brothers and sister in the political realm fighting for the lives of the unborn. ”

    Brandon, I am not one for voting either, and am probably a coward in your opinion, but I do understand why some believers hearts would burn so much to stop the evil of abortion that they want to anything possible to stop it including casting votes. My main contention, and maybe others too, is that the world looks at a hypocritical evangelical church that is the mouthpiece for such political action on defense of marriage while being engrossed in countless sexual sins themselves, who fights with their vote to protect innocent life then turn around and send their young men over to bomb villages in Iraq where ‘enemy insurgents’ are hiding out and little babies end up dying as collateral damage..

    What is the difference between a lost woman wanting to kill her baby via abortion to keep her life nice and easy and a professing christian supporting the collateral killing of arab babies because they want to protect their american dream even when this involves dropping bombs on civilians to get those who Caesar says are the ‘bad guys’. The only difference is that the evangelicals will have the greater damnation in hell except they repent and that is the group I do not want my unbelieving coworkers or family to associate me with less my testimony for Christ be tainted by their whoredom.

    So I don’t do anything to affiliate myself them, not even vote for ‘their guy’ because on paper he appears tough on abortion. Before calling me coward though, I do go to dangerous inner city nightclubs and street preach outside warning the young women and men about the soon coming wrath of God against their drunkenness and fornication and abortions and point them to salvation in Christ. One night the Lord was pleased to bless us with a little move of His Spirit and several young ladies got out line and went home to seek the Lord because He had been talking to them through our preaching. I am not saying this is the only right way by any means, but please don’t think everyone is cowardly because they refuse to engage in the christian rights often misguided and sometimes outright satanic wars – culture wars, political wars, drop bombs on arab wars – you name it. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty for pulling down strongholds. Some shy away from it to keep from defiling their conscience and the name of Jesus. I will never question your heart because you use a vote to try and change things though even if I think it is ineffectual or misguided. I think we all agree the true power of God is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Amen.



  28. Dear Jim (fleebabylon),
    I do not think you a coward for not voting. I don’t vote either. If there were a true pro life candidate then I would definitely vote. As I said before I oppose both parties because I am very pro life. My whole point was in response to the original article I said the republicans show little or no respect for our Lords commands. I was very excited when I read the article because I have been thinking that for awhile now. I was offended and probably overreacted when it seemed like people were saying that Christians should not be involved in politics. Which in my mind infers that those who are are somehow disobedient. Anyways I probably went over the line in trying to defend my brethren. You are no coward friend and I am sorry if you thought I meant that. I just think that those who bring honor to our Lord by protecting the lives of unborn children deserve to be encouraged and supported, not condemned. Anyway please forgive me if I offended you.


  29. Greetings all.

    This was my first major election as a born again Christian, I was saved 3 years ago. As I have been growing in the Lord, I struggled with the whole election process. I was disillusioned with it before being saved, and once saved, it looked less and less like something I felt I should be involved in. So many points to not vote have already been voiced in the previous posts, so I will not repeat them. But I do agree.

    One thought that I did not read, that I personally embrace is this. As a Christian, living in a house full of unsaved people (husband and kids), I am an example, to them in particular but also to the rest of the world. I am watched, believe me, especially by my very unbelieving husband. When it became clear I would not be voting this election, he asked me why. I said, because I have only one leader, and pointed towards Heaven.

    My mom, brother and sister are all saved, and are all very wrapped up in the political process. I tried to show a different point of view to them, and said the following to my mom one day. “What would it say to an entire unbelieving world, if no Christian voted. If they could look at everything falling down/apart around them, and there we would be. At peace, knowing with all confidence who truly rules the world, and who will take care of us no matter what?” WHAT a statement/testimony that would be, in my humble opinion….

    One other point I will put forth, that I don’t understand. Aside from the “picking the lesser of two evils”, to which I told my brother, “I don’t do evil”, is this. If one shows allegience to a man who believes our Holy Lord and Saviour is brother to Lucifer, does that really glorify our Lord?

    I will end with a great quote which I cannot give credit to, as I can’t remember who said it.:
    There are no secular solutions to spiritual problems”

    May we each prayerfully tackle the earthly issues we are faced with.

    God Bless.


  30. Chris H,

    I’m so glad another person is also striving to look at political things with spiritual eyes. I believe that our politics reveal what we *really* believe, not what we *say* we believe. I often ask, “What makes a person a “conservative”? Because he says that he is? Or because he really is and his actions are in line with his claim?” How we vote reveals how we truly understand Scripture and its doctrine: if we truly fear God, we won’t fear man; if we trust in Scripture, we won’t compromise biblical doctrine; if we are loyal to Christ we won’t compromise that for loyaly to a political party.

    I left the GOP back when Schwarzenegger ran for governor here in CA because as the Lord has drawn me to His Word more, has caused me to value and treasure His Word more, the less I value politics—in fact the MORE I see the error, pragmatism, and utter compromise in politics–the more I cannot in good conscience see any form of evil as “less” or “more”–evil is evil. Period.

    When Christians fear man, (or even hate) the political enemy, they drop all principles and values for that singular goal: get him out of office. Such a view is not only unbiblical, its fleshly. Looking to keep something merely temporary and of this world—our “freedoms” or “rights”, comforts, if you will—they compromised what they *say* are biblical principles and they end up using atheist argumentation. Never in my life have I seen Christians repeatedly say “this election is not about faith” or “its not about religion”. That was an atheist worldview argument and they used it consistently and boldly while slamming Christians who kept holding on to a BIBLICAL worldview. Of anyone, it should have been Christians who proclaimed that it most certainly IS about faith and religion. Professing Christian voters say they want to preserve freedom of faith (thinking a member of a cult who hates Christ and is enslaved himself), yet they aren’t even using that same freedom to evangelize *right now*. How many of these people who used that same argument, even bother to open their doors to the LDS or JW’s when they come knocking? There’s something terribly wrong with that picture.



  31. “The ends justify the means”, is now the ruling worldview of “Christians”, not Scripture, and certainly not trust in the Sovereign Lord of the universe. We know from Scripture all the kinds of problems such pragmatism and distrust of God has caused (Eve, Sarah, Abraham, Rebekkah, Jacob, etc). I think the saddest thing for me was to see “Christians”, like Israel, having justifiable reasons to dislike their current leadership, but then demand we have a ruler like the world (1Sam. 8). They would rather have another enemy of Christ, this time a blasphemer who actually and really believes he “will be like the Most High” and rule his own planet, a pagan cult-member (who’s cult, btw, informs him of his worldview and how he makes decisions and association) who entirely lacks of integrity, is for abortion, socialized medicine, and is ok with homosexuality. Claiming God lead them to vote this way and these professing Christians presume upon God to bless them for such a decision. On Nov. 6 most “Christians” committed mutiny against the King of kings and Lord of lords. Beware, God will not compete with the idol of freedom. Instead He will demolish it like all idols.


  32. Merry: Since you refuse to answer questions clarifying your point and indeed disparage my motives in daring to to ask you to (and are clearly not smart enough to differentiate between numbers), I wash my hands of you. I tried to talk to you, and you are simply a waste of time. Don’t bother responding to me, because anything you have to say is less than worthless to me.

    Denise: I think the issue comes down to the fact that, as cliche as it sounds, the election was about electing a president, not a pastor. Therefore, the question then becomes, who is the most qualified, and by what standard to we choose someone for this position. Sometimes, preventing the greater evil from being in power is all we can do.

    For example, Daniel served two wicked rulers. Joseph was practically running Egypt at a time when its ruler was literally worshipped as a god. Paul worked within the Roman government, calling on his rights as a Roman citizen. Even Jesus Christ went to the temples being run by the wicked and and even gave them money.


  33. Brandon, don’t think for a minute i am not as upset as you regarding the corruption and sins of the world, the satanic NWO agenda, apostasy, political manipulation, Luciferian new age mind control, satanic social engineering, greed and murder et al all offends me just as much as as it does you if not more as i have spent over 25 years in this game before i was saved. I know that i am a myself am a miserable sinner only saved by the Grace of our Lord and we are not called to change this fallen world by political activism or partisan politics.There are so many evils in the world that just to focus on one like abortion is to lose the big picture, The Bible does not teach perfecting the world to our standards, we all know its fallen and corrupt and is beyond redemption through our own efforts. God knows what he is doing, we only see a fraction of a thread but only he sees the full picture. If God has put a corrupt Government into power then he has a reason to do so. We are not obliged to be brainwashed by Obama and we can still observe his Godless Marxist new age agenda, but God has still put him there for his good reasons.


  34. Oh yes Andrew, and it’s called judgment on those who call themselves by My Name, as well as purification through persecution/tribulation for the Bride/Ekklesia…unless one has a ticket on the “pre-trib express” in which case they should go back to sleep!


  35. I liked your perspective. It is said, ” The enemy of my enemy is my friend” , however, i don’t believe i this idea should bind me to the gop inorder to resist the Democratic Party. i realize the liberals are at war against God. i realize they do more wickedly than Al Queada, yet The GOP consistently has failed routinely, generally only paying lip service to biblical concepts. Europe and the USA remind me of Irael and Judah when The Lord gave them over to destructive by Assyria and Babylon. Police are known to play good cop bad cop when drilling a criminal. The two political parties employ a similiar tactic on true christians. Both parties hate Jesus, so both parties must despise christians.


  36. Thank you Chris for your excellent article and your principled stand. I just now ran across your article somewhat by chance while doing a search for something else. I found it very refreshing and encouraging. Though I know I’m not alone, sometimes a person can start feeling that you’re the only one left who puts principle ahead of blind party loyalty.

    I particularly appreciated your admonition to “stop viewing the political process as the means by which we are to “save” this country.” I believe the church in America has unwittingly come to worship the false god of government, as though it has ultimate power over us. We have become willing to bow and grovel before its gatekeepers of political power brokers and parties that tell us they have the power to “win.” The church is now willing to sell our American birthright of freedom and Constitutional governance and even retreat from God’s Biblical instructions in order to appease the power brokers and be granted a seat at the table.

    Now it might sound odd for the state chairman of a political party (Constitution Party of Washington) to say this, but winning at the ballot box is not the first duty of Christians. Honoring God and upholding the supreme law of our land (the U.S. Constitution) should be our first duty, or as George Washington put it, “raising a standard to which the wise and honest can repair,” then leaving the event in the hand of God. Whatever happened to having enough faith to just believe that if we would honor God, He would honor us.

    I am concerned that the Christian-conservative-religious right in America is playing around with the principle found in 1 Samuel 2:30 and is in danger of (if not already past the point of) disqualifying itself from being found fit for God’s use to bring a restoration of righteousness to the land even, as Eli’s compromise cost his line the priesthood in Israel.

    Okay, didn’t mean for this to turn into an article of its own, but again, “Thanks!”


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