Seven Reasons America Hasn’t Been Reached for Christ

Greg Stier wrote an article giving seven reasons why America hasn’t been reached for Christ. It’s an astounding thought that maybe America hasn’t been reached for Christ. There are so many Christians here. But, if you talk to 10 unbelievers I’d estimate that four of them wouldn’t know why Jesus died on the cross. Probably all 10 of them would know that Jesus did die on the cross, but that’s a far cry from possessing a clear understanding of the gospel.

I agree with Stier’s seven reasons (for the most part), and I thought I’d add a little to them.

1. We have outsourced the work of evangelism.

Stiers’ example of this is big events such as Billy Graham crusades. But my church does relatively small events where we’re supposed to invite the unsaved and someone will present the gospel at some point. Ray Comfort points out that this is like police throwing a party at the jail and inviting the criminals, so they don’t have to go out and catch the criminals. This is not only unbiblical, but it leaves evangelism to the one person who speaks. No one else has to present the gospel to anyone. And it’s way more work and more money to try to throw a big party than just walking up to someone and talking to them.

2. We have lost our sense of urgency.

Stiers says that hell has been taken out of the equation by some Christians. I guess this would be the only point I’m not really seeing eye to eye with Stiers on. The Christians I know certainly believe in hell. And for me, while not wanting people to go to hell is a motivation, a bigger motivation is a desire to obey and glorify the Lord. We should evangelize out of obedience, and leave the results to Him.

3. We are ashamed of the gospel.

Steirs says, “I believe that many Christians are secretly ashamed of this catalytic ‘narrow minded’ message.” Over the years, I’ve put a lot of thought into why Christians don’t share the gospel, and I’ve always held out hope that this wasn’t the issue. Recently I’m beginning to think this is the main issue. Christians, just like everyone else, want people to like them. That’s fine to a certain extent, but if we want people to like us more than we want to speak the truth to them, there is a problem.

The proclamation of the gospel is going to lead to problems and controversy in your life. A certain percentage of the people aren’t going to like you or your message. Some people will call the police. Some people will yell at you and mock you. Some will get saved. This is what happened to the apostles, and this is what is should be happening to us.

Besides that, the gospel isn’t something to be ashamed of. It is something that should give us so much joy that it overflows into telling others the good news. If you’re worried about people disliking you so much that you’re not sharing the gospel, I think that’s cause to question your salvation.

4. Many Christians can’t explain the gospel.

It is pretty clear to me that this is a problem, and Stiers hits the nail on the head with his explanation.

5. Church leaders are not leading the way.

This is pretty clear as well. The way I learned to witness is by tagging along with others who were doing it, until the guy I was with said, “Go talk to the people sitting on that bench.” There is no other way to learn than by doing it.

Don’t you think the “Teaching” part of the Great Commission (commonly known as discipling someone) would involve church leaders showing people how to evangelize? How many pastors are showing people how to witness? How many pastors can witness? Are they unwilling or unable?

6. We have forgotten how to pray.

Stiers says, “When church services spend more time in announcements than intercessory prayer then you know something is broken. If we want to reach every person in this nation with the good news of Jesus we need God to act on our behalf. We need Him to soften hard hearts and open closed doors. We need to pray like we mean it.”

I have to admit this is my weak spot, but I’ve committed to doing better, and praying for God to raise up laborers for the harvest.

7. Churches don’t mobilize their young people to share the gospel.

This is Stiers’ ministry—training and motivating teens to share the gospel. I like witnessing to young people (about ages 16-30) most of all. First of all, they are in less of a hurry to get where they’re going–they’re willing to sit around and talk. It seems, their minds are less made up, and they’re open to discussion.

Stiers finishes with, “It’s time we drop our lame excuses and reach this nation for Jesus Christ. Who’s with me?”

10 thoughts on “Seven Reasons America Hasn’t Been Reached for Christ

  1. An excellent post (link didn’t work) although I doubt much will change as far as the “church” is concerned! As a fruit inspector, I often wonder how many “Christians” really do know the Lord? Seems if the desire of your heart is to obey the savour, the Great Commission ought to be at the top of the list!!


  2. Love it! I am struggling a lot to become the Christian who doesn’t have any of these problems. I feel like the point, “If you’re worried about people disliking you so much that you’re not sharing the gospel, I think that’s cause to question your salvation.” Is a little harsh. I don’t think it is harsh in the sense that there is nothing wrong with being worried about people disliking you. I think it is harsh in the sense that some Christians have it built into their core to fear man. The fear of man is something our culture drills into us. Some of us Christians who grew up in secular school as Christians and later began to take a hold of our faith (our parent’s faith) have hardly no influences guiding us away from this fear. I am struggling so desperately against this fear. I think yeah maybe it is a good idea to question one’s salvation when one is worried about people disliking them but I still am worried about that or fear it and I know I have been saved by the blood of our Lord and Savior. But the difference is that I have a discontentedness in my heart. I am not content in this fear. I am slowly struggling against it more and more, Christ is weeding out the fear in me.
    I think this is a huge thing Christians need to deal with to be effective in the body of Christ and to further the gospel obviously but I don’t think it is a primary means to discount one’s salvation. I have many Christian friends who are so young in their search and are just learning that they need to confront this fear and I am helping encourage them in this as I am learning to confront it myself. I think for Christians like me we are slowly learning to pick up more and more of this wonderful cross we are given. We are learning more and more how to take it and run with joy because we have it. It is a slow and painful process to confront these fears but littles wins in this battle are so encouraging. I can’t say I am not worried about people liking me though. Rejection still hurts. I am not over it yet. It is such a struggle and I think a repentant sinner’s heart has been changed so that it is dead set against this fear and all one has to do is learn to pick up the cross and fight the flesh until the fear is taken down by the grace of God. I think God enjoys this process of sanctification but I don’t think it discounts ones salvation although certainly it can be one sin in many. I hope what I am saying is clear. In now way am I saying one can live with this fear and do nothing. I am saying that eventually they will learn to confront the sin and rip it apart as they learn to joys of carrying this cross. God bless you! That point was just speaking right to me, please clarify if what you mean is at all what I am saying or if you still basically stand where you are. I want to understand 🙂


  3. Hello Rev Limiter,
    I fixed the link. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Being ashamed of the gospel could mean you’re denying Jesus before men (Matt 10:33), or maybe loving the world (1 John 2:15). It’s not my idea to suggest that someone who is ashamed of the gospel may not be saved. Those verses suggest it quite plainly.

    I have been fearful to share the gospel with some people, and still am sometimes. I’d have to think further about whether that fear comes from being ashamed of the gospel. I think it is more of a fear of the unknown. Regardless, I felt like a sissy when I was too fearful to share the gospel. I hated feeling like a sissy, and it helped me do better the next time.

    Whatever your sin is, if you’re struggling against it, then that is evidence that you’re saved.



  4. The biggest reason: We don’t love the Lord enough.

    Newlyweds are in love, and want everyone to know it, to know how wonderful it is to be married to this wonderful person.

    New parents love their children, and want everyone to look at their baby and see him smile, take those early steps, etc.

    Sports fans love their team and want to talk about it.

    Political advocates love their political agenda and don’t hesitate to try to persuade people to at least consider it.

    Money-lovers don’t hesitate to talk about money.

    The real problem is love.

    I like to use the sponge analogy. If a sponge is full of water, and you bump it, you get wet. We need to be like sponges, so full of the love of the Lord that when people bump us, they get wet. If we love our Lord, evangelism will take care of itself.


  5. I have a problem with Stier’s premise. No where in Scripture are we told to ‘reach a nation for Christ.’ The phrase in Matthew 29:19, ‘make disciples of all nations’ does not mean an entire nation will be converted or that Christians are to work to that end. This sounds post-millennial to me and it is an overwhelming thought that we would have to do that!

    Don’t hear what I’m not saying, though. I agree that most Christians today are guilty of all seven of Stier’s reasons. Me included! I simply see his premise as misguided.


  6. Could the 7 stem from the one? There is zero fear of a god that, “loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.” This god who waits patiently and longingly for you to make a decision for him that he is obligated to accept…on your terms of course. Then all you have to do is sign the church covenant, get a tithe number and get plugged in to your self rightious social good works program endorsed by the lead pastor/hireling. While you experience the dilectic process in your cell/home/bibless study group under the facilitator/delphi master conditioner.
    A broad road deception indeed!


  7. Hello Yvonne,

    I can’t speak for him, but I don’t think he meant that he’s expecting everyone in America to become a Christian. I’m amazed when I run into someone who has little or no understanding of the gospel. I think that is what he’s referring to. Wouldn’t it be better if all 300 million Americans had a correct understanding of Christian teaching, even though a large percentage will reject it?



  8. Interesting reading for sure but I think theres some missing pieces such as what The Lord is doing in hidden ministies.I spent about four years in the prison ministry and seen many inmates accept Jesus simple salvation message with changed hearts and much remorse.Yes I was laughed at by some and had financial hardships providing my time at the various jails and at a USMC brig,but The Lord called me for a season to do this.
    I thought this was nuts I had no great knowledge about the Bible and I sure wasn’t a great teacher but just a calling deep down in my soul, no lighting bolts,nothing written in the sky.Why did I volunteer to help someone who was in the prison ministry then be left alone with twenty inmates to conduct my first Bible study why would The Lord do this to me! I fell on my face, looked stupid,felt ashamed for letting down My Lord.
    When I left the jail that night I just really was hurt because I wasn’t prepared but still felt a call to this ministry so I prayed and said with The Lords help and The Power and Wisdom of The Holy Spirit I was going to find out what The Gods Word was really about not the teaching in churches or the so called tv preachers. James 1st chapter verse 5 sums it up ” If any of you lacks wisdom ask of the Lord and He will give it freely and yes he did give me wisdom to continue to teach Gods Truth,never was very good and no facy sermonds that people forget five minutes after they leave church but in four years I seen with my own eyes hundreds come to the salvation message as Jesus taught and went on to other jails and started other Bible studys { WHO ME!} no a callling a silent calling that The Lord gives that you don’t have to accept He always gives you a way out if you want like I almost did.
    My point is I met others in hidden ministrys that nobody ever heard of that The Lord uses and get no financial support see the Lord calls us all in many subtle ways that seem so unimportant to us but as you look close they are in The Lords plan that was layed out way before you were born simple things like just a word of encouragement or maybe helping someone paying his electric bill maybe food.I think how The Lord had a friend of mine be at my house when the electric was being turned off and he paid the bill when I was so broke thats what The Lord does He provides in so many ways.
    Once I had a great job big house in the country, new cars, my credit so good it was scary, thought I as a Christian went to church once in a while thought I was really something curse God when things got bad sometimes thanked Him when things were good,then I lost everything worldly,then lost an IRS battle and then off to camp Fed fo a few months and years of probation and working for minimum wage no more big shot as I onced thought I was.
    Hey God where are you at? well guess what? at our lowest time He gave me the courage to get through the mess I caused due to sin and greed and lifted me higher than I deserved never made it big but my needs were met.I was so hurt for years of my loss but then finally I started to thank The Lord for all He gave me and the time I had with the things of this world which is so easy to enjoyI
    Who is this God that would even think that aftter spending time in a county jail then camp Fed that I would want to go back to try to help others with Gods Word,well He knows our hearts, forgives, and is there every step of the way.
    And who is this God, that being a felon,on probation, and have to get special permission from federal and state prison agencys open the door for me to teach in the prison facilities and then ask from a USMC brig to be appointed their outside chaplin what kind of God is this? I would say an awesome God!
    The Lord does call us all for something whatever that is maybe something small to us but very important to Him, His subtle ways! He is a very interesting Lord of our lives! Thank You Lord For What You Did For me!I never did enough for Him.


  9. Some friends of mine took a cam recorder with audio to the Christian book seller’s convention in Las Vegas several years ago and went around and asked one simple question: “can you tell the audience we will show this video to what is the Gospel message”?

    Only one in ten were able to bring the clear message of the Gospel forth, that is Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures and that He was buried and then rose again three days later and was seen in His physical person by about 500 hundred people who bore witness to His Resurrection!


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