Cross Encounters Radio: Round Table Discussion About Abortion Ministry

20121217-090608.jpgAbortion is a truly ugly scar in our world. The wanton murder of unborn children because we don’t want to be responsible for the consequences for our sexual proclivities. While most of us will stand against abortion by engaging in debates with those who are pro-abortion, by voting for candidates who promise to pass pro-life laws, or by sharing pro-life articles on Facebook, there are some very brave and committed Christians who week after week stand outside abortion clinics pleading with women not to murder their children. Last night on Cross Encounters Radio, we had Pastors Jon Speed and Jeremy Hiltz along with Donna Hebert as we had a round table discussion about this kind of ministry. I would encourage all our readers to go to the link below, download the program and listen to the discussion. If you have ever desired to do more to save the lives of the unborn, this could be the discussion that helps you decide to get involved more directly.

Cross Encounters Radio

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