Check Out the Street Preacher Section on CARM!

CARMIf anyone has been reading my articles for any length of time, you are well aware of the fact that I am very much about calling the Christian church to be about the business of preaching the gospel. I have long said that not every Christian needs to be on a street corner preaching, but every believer needs to find someone to share the gospel with. That being said, I truly believe that one of the powerful forms of evangelism is Christians getting out into the community and proclaiming the gospel in the open air. A great many godly men have preached out in the open square, men like Whitfield, Wesley, Spurgeon, Knox and many others. Many people today may never darken the door of a church, others might only if the church caters entirely to their flesh. Yet, there hundreds, thousands, even millions of people coming and going throughout the communities in which we live. Short of going to each and every door in a community, another blessed and worthwhile evangelism effort, one of the perhaps most effective means of reaching the masses of people with which we abide is to proclaim the gospel where they are, in the open square.

Matt-TonyTo that end, several ministries are attempting to raise up a new generation of open air preachers who will boldly proclaim the good news. One such ministry is CARM, the Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry. Matt Slick and Tony Miano have worked together to establish a new Street Preaching section. I highly recommend all our readers take the time to go to this valuable resource and learn about preaching the gospel in the open air. Having been an evangelist and street preacher, I can personally say that there is no more humbling, yet powerful opportunity to share the gospel than to step up on a box, open your lips and speak the truth of the gospel to people who you may never meet again. Please, check out the link below and pray what God may have you do today.

CARM: Street Preaching

4 thoughts on “Check Out the Street Preacher Section on CARM!

  1. This is a comment on street preaching. I have a friend Nate. He is a born again Christian. He started evangalizing about 12 years ago. He started by going to many events, and shopping centers
    to hand out tracts and talk to anyone who was interested. He did this quite a while, but wasn’t seeing the results he expected. He stopped long enough to pray over the matter for about a month. Then he posted a very large sign on his front lawn for people passing by to see. It was the Ten Commandments. Along side it was the phrase, Are You Ready! He put such signs on his cars. He made up t shirts with biblical verses. Then finally he tried to speak openly on a corner in Washington D.C. To his dismay he did draw a small crowd. he said he was terrified to try it, but once he got going, he was fine. Infact it was fun. There was one guy in a group of very tough friends who wanted to stay and hear more. His friends were practically pulling him away, but he stayed and gave himself to the Lord. Nate told him that he would probably have to make new friends because his friends wouldn’t understand the change. He was okay with that. He was sincere.

    Nate was out all day and only one came to the Lord. But that was spectacular. Nate has gone on to open air preaching in several foreign countries and is now with a group preaching up and down the east coast. He has finally found his niche, and loves it.



  2. I saw nothing on the CARM page about the street preacher being part of a local church. I think this is a key part for all Christians are to be, if possible, part of a local assembly. And God calls men to serve therein to guard the Truth and train up men and watch over the souls of those the Lord gathers there.


  3. The comment that because we are saved by Garace alone, we should stay home. I say how does anyone expect to reach all thoughs who have never read the bible, never stepped inside a church, never really concidered a God or Savior. We are ay war and need every soldier we can get to spread God’s Word. We are running out of time.



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