God’s Wonderful Plan for Your Life!

Does God love you and have a wonderful plan for your life? Have you heard preachers declare this and then leave you  191324132_640wondering how on Earth are you supposed to determine what that wonderful plan is? Does the almighty creator and ruler of all things have one person you are to fall in love with and marry? Is there one job and place you are seek and find? I submit that God does have a wonderful plan for your life – and it’s the same as His plan for me and every other Christian: to conform us ever more to the image of Christ. As for these other pieces of life on this temporary planet which is not our home, we’ll discuss a little, later, to see how they fit in.

Listen to the message here.

9 thoughts on “God’s Wonderful Plan for Your Life!

  1. My pleasure. Good to hear from brothers and sisters from anywhere 🙂 One day our church may post sermons from us pastoral interns as they are doing with Sunday School. That would fill in some of the gaps in the sermon series (how does one make plural the word “series”?)


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