Sissified Needy Jesus?

Pastor Voddie Baucham preaches the truth firmly and solidly from the Scriptures. His message is loving but it is a warning to those that think Jesus Christ is just some mamby-pamby God who has to have us in order to justify His own existence. He needs nothing from us.

2 thoughts on “Sissified Needy Jesus?

  1. Amen to many of Mark Escalera’s words. Mark Driscoll made the same point one Sunday by wearing a T-shirt of someone’s “concept” of what Jesus looked like. Chirst looked so efiminate, gentle and fragile. Driscoll made the comment/joke that he was wearing his “Drag Queen Jesus” T-shirt…..boy, did he get ridiculed and rebuked for that comment. The criticism was incredible. They looked right past the point of a comment like that and labeled him as blasphemous and disrespectful to God. WAKE UP now people, or you’re really going to have a wake up call when Christ returns.


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