LOST – The Holiness of God in Churches

Preaching about the love of God as if He is like the friendly grandfather is a false gospel. God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life is a false gospel. The true gospel is one that exalts the holiness of God, the supremacy of Jesus Christ, and the total depravity of every person who has ever lived.

7 thoughts on “LOST – The Holiness of God in Churches

  1. And in a nutshell you now have why so many have, and so many more continue to leave the buildings, preferring to follow the Shepherd verses the hirelings!

    “My sheep know My Voice and in no way will follow another.”

    These many years of inviting the goats in and trying to get them to act like sheep has lead to the sewing of tares in with the wheat such that the wheat become unfruitful.

    If you are still in a biblical fellowship, rejoice! However, if you see things are not quite right, then run for your life! Where we are, there are no more biblical fellowships that remain pure to His Will, and have not to some degrees or totally embraced the jesus franchise paradigm.

    In fact, the dozen or so largest of these franchises, compromising (pun intended) several of the largest denominations in our area have regular meetings of the “lead pastors” for what amounts to strategy sessions, and ecumenical unity in diversity!
    these include: Roman Catholic, Assembly of God, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, and various Word/Faith assemblies. The ringleaders are from the largest AOG and Baptist churches here. They push Emergent, Willow Creek, Latter Rain, Purpose Driven, Alpha as their church growth models. Most have home groups that specialize in each area, within each church. Thus you have a cafeteria of ear tickling options in each franchise!

    What I just wrote is new to most of you regarding any church offering multiple streams of heresy, yet our area has always been a proving ground. Oh, and those old pillars who left the different denominations are marked and discussed within the meetings, as divisive. As for the rest of the congregations? They are then taught to emulate the focus group of majority goat herders, or risk losing even more of their own people. As far as new folks showing up at any churches door? The entrance exam is, “Where did you used to fellowship?” To which the elders then confer with your prior church to see what kind of Christian you were there. Guess what kind of referral you get, if you did not first do an exit interview with your former pastoral staff? Oh, and guess what kind of a referral you get if you DO have an exit interview with your prior pastoral staff!!!

    Anyone care to dispute these things I say? Anyone care to confirm these things I say?
    We are 7+ years out of that system, and would not trade our present walk for even one moment of the prior 20 years in that system!

    Should the Lord raise up a biblical fellowship in our area, where the elders function as they should, and the Lord is the only Shepherd with godly undershepherds, then we would support them as the brothers they are to be.

    Mark! Any thoughts of moving to the great white north? ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Thank you for this sobering reminder of the fear of God, the beginning of wisdom, as I grow older I,m more aware of the unpopularity of this message especially in the church climate of today’s easy -osy believism.
    As they say in Australia, “she’ll be right mate” God is love and God loves you, so what’s the problem, if you say anything it’s unloving and you’re accused of being legalistic, but the church needs to get back to preaching both the severity the love in God in the backdrop of the missing attribute of the wrath of God seen most graphically at Calvary, when God crucified His dearly beloved Son.


  3. Quite refreshing! The anointing settled on me as I listened, especially when the two spoke at Times Square Church! I used to visit there as often as I was hold up in a hotel at 47th between 6th and 5th! I’d do my business during the day and over Wilkinson’s Church meeting in the evenings!

    What a refreshing 25 minutes of deep calling to deep!

    Thanks for publishing this compilation of anointed men of God touching the fear for and reverence of Our God Who is indeed Majestic in Holiness and as a refiner’s fire!

    This verse from Isaiah seems apropos:

    Isaiah 10:17 The light of Israel will become a fire, and his Holy One a flame, and it will burn and devour his thorns and briers in one day.


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