How Much Do You Love Christ?

Oh Father, may you reawaken the first love we had for Christ when we were rescued from the pit of hell and from having to undergo Your wrath. May our hearts be overwhelmed with Jesus Christ so that there is nothing that will ever be first above Him.

Christ does not want prominence (first among many), He demands that preeminence. He must be the first and only one we worship.

2 thoughts on “How Much Do You Love Christ?

  1. The overwhelmingly popular Arminian world view leaves much to be desired. The idea that getting to heaven is the main aim of Christianity is highly suspect, and does not agree with Christ’s statement In John 17 that eternal life is knowing God. A good “wake up” question would be — would you still love God if he sent you to hell?

    Another assumption that is simply wrong is that all believers have a “salvation point” in time when they became born again by “accepting Christ” and then discovered Christ as their first love. A casual survey of one’s believing friends would reveal that either most Christians never had such a “day of salvation” or made one up to satisfy churchy requirements that one is supposed to have one. I have inquired about this frequently and found that many believers, if they are honest and not intimidated, never had such a salvation moment or day, but simply knew and loved God for as long as they can remember. How can this be? Because God’s sovereign election and predestination of woebegone sinners beats out the lying works of men every time.


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