In Praise of The Pope, Amnesty, and Environmentalism: Meet the ERLC’s Russell Moore

Richard Land declared Mormonism to be “the fourth Abrahamic faith”. He was eased out of his position at the SBC ERLC for other reasons. His successor gives Baptist even less reason to support this office. sigh

8 thoughts on “In Praise of The Pope, Amnesty, and Environmentalism: Meet the ERLC’s Russell Moore

  1. So, do I call you Manfred? Or Stuart?

    I remember, not too many years ago, being told that the Southern Baptists were merely an Association of churches, and not a denomination. Never the less, the guilt by association still hangs over those who choose to associate…I’m reminded of a thought/passage that includes, “Come out of her my people…”

    How is your, “In view of a call” working out, brother? Also, was the book of any value?



  2. Mickey,

    In the grand scheme of the Interweb, I am Manfred. When conducting business in the physical world, I am Stuart 🙂

    Yes, the SBC is merely an association of churches, but it’s one rife with ambition, politics, and false theology. I do believe the proper course is to come out of her…

    I am, as of 13 July, Pastor at Gowen Baptist Church and we are packing up our house, have it on the market, and I head up there on 6 Aug. Will return when the house sells to move our stuff.

    I believe the people of Gowen Baptist desire to be people of the Book and that will be the foundation upon which we build.


  3. I have done some casual comparisons of the old Persian Gnostic dualism with the younger Platonism and new neo-Platonism dualism.
    Both place high value upon unity over divisions. Both are pantheistic. Both seek to bring “all to unity” and into harmony with the ONE.
    Both of these ancient false religion seek to obtain a higher more evolved spiritual state through mystical contemplation and meditation
    The social or socialist so called gospel is the wolf of Marxism in sheep’s clothing. Marxism is based upon atheism. It is an accursed distortion of the true gospel.
    As far as environmental causes, God warns us not to get involved in nature worship. That is to love creation above the creator.
    It is also wrong to attempt to legislate salvation through political activism.
    being missional will accomplish no more than secular welfare will, nor can it save souls.
    Unity with love on the essentials of the faith is good. Unity for the sake of unity irrespective of even minor errors in essential doctrine displays contempt for the scriptures and God.
    It has been suggested that SBC now stands for soon becoming Catholic.
    Again the real danger is not blatant false teaching but with things that are “almost” true.
    Is this guy bad news and is the SBC in serious trouble…ya think?


  4. Miller – the SBC has been in serious trouble for many years. I read it first on Ken Silva’s site, that SBC means Slowly Becoming Catholic and he has been on the money in many ways. The SBC is, and has been for years, a man-pleasing, ladder-climbing, back-slapping bunch where mega-church preachers are elevated to high station in the conference and everybody pays the freight. It needs to go away.

    Russell Moore has been writing and teaching things that must be read closely because so much of what he has done is just slightly off. But a compass that’s off 1 degree will be a shipwreck before the boat crosses the Atlantic.


  5. To God be the glory and God Speed brother!
    Pour yourself out upon these folks through scripture and a fully functioning and non-neutered Holy Spirit and He will build His Ecclesia with lively stones!

    (Now if you would only change to Stuart Little, I could finally have that avatar!…Am I coveting? LOL)


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