Dangers of Beth Moore

Dear Friends,

I have never expected that exposing the false teaching of so-called evangelicals would generate a great deal of fan mail. Our purposes for writing these articles is to warn the church. It is time that we wake out of slumber and see that evangelicalism is not what it used to be. Many have taken the road that leads back to Rome. This path starts by accepting that all Roman Catholics are true believers and before long, your theology has to change to accommodate the heresy that salvation is not by grace through faith alone in Christ alone.

Just to clarify the gospel before we continue. There is NO salvation apart from Jesus Christ. There is NO salvation to be found in Mary, the pope, church, or any creed. If a person is placing there faith in Christ plus something or minus something, there is NO salvation. You cannot work your way to heaven or do anything to merit more of God’s grace as it pertains to salvation.


Now, because somebody has a great stage presence, knows how to work an audience, and is endorsed by a major Christian denomination, churches across the world have knowingly endorsed these teachers who actually teach and go contrary to everything they say that they believe. For example, the Southern Baptist denomination does not permit women pastors or preachers, but Beth Moore is fully accepted in teaching men. I assume Lifeway might have a problem meeting its yearly budget if they were to cut her off. But that is another topic for another day.

Beth Moore – the darling of the evangelical church in America – what is the problem? Below, I include several links from Sola Sisters, Apprising Ministries, CARM, and Lighthouse Trails Research to address this in much greater detail. If you have a desire for truth, may I recommend you prayerfully read these and then see whether or not, her teaching lines up with Scripture.

Just because it sounds good does NOT mean that it is good.

Sola Sisters – Breaking Free from Beth Moore

Ken Silva – Apprising.Org – How Would You Know Beth Moore?

CARM – Beth Moore

Lighthouse Trails Research – Exposing Contemplative Spirituality

5 thoughts on “Dangers of Beth Moore

  1. Most (I did not say “all”) celebrity Christians are self-absorbed and lead people astray with false teachings. They tend to get addicted to the applause of men. May God have mercy on them.


  2. Katy, I am so sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, most people who get upset when their favorite person is held up to Scriptural scrutiny seem to be those who have shallow theology or who do not bother to examine the Scriptures for themselves. Keep standing firm.


  3. Mark, I agree….except then those people think I believe I am “better” than them. 😦 I am a sinner saved by grace and know I am no better than anyone…in fact, the Lord shows me how I am truly despicable without Christ. I am a woman who stands firm in truth…and some take that to mean that I am a “know it all”. I am praying about this…and studying the Word so that I can make sure I balance my truth with grace. 🙂


  4. I would appreciate your prayer for truth to prevail and that God’s Word would not be impugned as I am meeting with my pastor and our worship leader (who is employed by Beth Moore) on Friday Nov 21st to discuss Beth Moore’s teachings and how they are deviating from Scriptural truth. This came about from my declining to participate in a Beth Moore Bible study offered at my church, after which the lady facilitating the study wanted to know why I declined to participate. Like you, Katy, I so much want to avoid coming across as a “know-it-all”, but I am convinced that Ms. Moore’s teachings are becoming more and more off-base, with her embrace of Catholicism and her questionable exegesis of Scripture, not to mention her personal extra-Biblical revelation straight from God. There is no way I can sit under her teaching again (I participated in 3 or 4 of her studies over the past 10 years or so). I must be a Berean about this matter, and I just hope that my pastor will be able to see what I have seen. I am not hopeful that he will, though, as in my first communication with him I attached the articles showing Ms. Moore’s error and he has already said he does not see the problem. Pray for us all please!


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