Dangers of Beth Moore

Dear Friends,

I have never expected that exposing the false teaching of so-called evangelicals would generate a great deal of fan mail. Our purposes for writing these articles is to warn the church. It is time that we wake out of slumber and see that evangelicalism is not what it used to be. Many have taken the road that leads back to Rome. This path starts by accepting that all Roman Catholics are true believers and before long, your theology has to change to accommodate the heresy that salvation is not by grace through faith alone in Christ alone.

Just to clarify the gospel before we continue. There is NO salvation apart from Jesus Christ. There is NO salvation to be found in Mary, the pope, church, or any creed. If a person is placing there faith in Christ plus something or minus something, there is NO salvation. You cannot work your way to heaven or do anything to merit more of God’s grace as it pertains to salvation.


Now, because somebody has a great stage presence, knows how to work an audience, and is endorsed by a major Christian denomination, churches across the world have knowingly endorsed these teachers who actually teach and go contrary to everything they say that they believe. For example, the Southern Baptist denomination does not permit women pastors or preachers, but Beth Moore is fully accepted in teaching men. I assume Lifeway might have a problem meeting its yearly budget if they were to cut her off. But that is another topic for another day.

Beth Moore – the darling of the evangelical church in America – what is the problem? Below, I include several links from Sola Sisters, Apprising Ministries, CARM, and Lighthouse Trails Research to address this in much greater detail. If you have a desire for truth, may I recommend you prayerfully read these and then see whether or not, her teaching lines up with Scripture.

Just because it sounds good does NOT mean that it is good.

Sola Sisters – Breaking Free from Beth Moore

Ken Silva – Apprising.Org – How Would You Know Beth Moore?

CARM – Beth Moore

Lighthouse Trails Research – Exposing Contemplative Spirituality

Pope tells Rick Warren that he doesn’t pastor an actual church.

Check out the following piece from Apprising Ministries on the pope throwing a monkey wrench into Rick Warren’s ecumenical machine:

Ok, here’s the latest scoop on the religious scene from Apprising Ministries. Well, it turns out that Rick Warren Is Saying Protestant Reformers Luther and Calvin Were Wrong because in opposition to what these Reformers taught Purpose Driven Pope Warren has now pontificated that the Roman Catholic Church is no longer apostate and is, in very fact, once again a part of the Body of Christ.

O but wait, it gets even better because meanwhile, back at the ol’ Vatican ranch Benedict XVI, the papal pretender to being the Vicar of Christ, has said instead that Rick Warren is the one who is actually wrong. I know, I could hardly believe it myself when I heard it! Just imagine the nerve; someone dares to criticize America’s favorite social worker and Megapastor. Zowie; good thing he’s a god on earth, huh.

So now here’s the deal; you see, Rick Warren is not a Roman Catholic but is instead a decidedly—er, non-protesting *ahem* “Protestant” in the SBC—which might actually stand for Slowly Becoming Catholic. Ok, because of that fact, according to the RCC Pope it now seems that the PD Pope can’t even be “America’s pastor” anymore because he doesn’t actually pastor a real church:

Pope Benedict XVI has reasserted the universal primacy of the Roman Catholic Church, approving a document released Tuesday [July 10, 2007] that says Orthodox churches were defective and that other Christian denominations were not true churches…

It restates key sections of a 2000 document the pope wrote when he was prefect of the congregation, “Dominus Iesus,” which set off a firestorm of criticism among Protestant and other Christian denominations because it said they were not true churches but merely ecclesial communities and therefore did not have the “means of salvation.”

In the new document and an accompanying commentary, which were released as the pope vacations here in Italy’s Dolomite mountains, the Vatican repeated that position. (Online source)

If only this was as silly as a Hollywood gossip column. But with people’s eternal souls in the balance I’m afraid there’s nothing funny about men such as these, who for now, are peas in a very corrupt spiritual pod and speak from the viewpoint of the world, and the world listens to them (1 John 4:5).

Thanks to Pastor Ken Silva for this piece. I’d like to add that I find it ironic when the very apostate Roman Catholic Church that the very apostate Saddleback Church is trying so hard to merge with refuses to consider them a legitimate Church at best and anathema at worst. What Rick Warren fails to realize is that if the world’s religions are going to merge into one anti-Chirst led conglomerate, it’s going to be under the RCC and it’s going to be on their terms, not his.

See also: All roads may not lead to Rome, but according to the pope, only Rome leads to Heaven.

Crosstalk: Ken Silva on Richard Abanes.

On this CrossTalk episode, Free Speech for Bloggers, Ingrid interviews Ken Silva on the Richard Abanes controversy.

From Crosstalk’s show description:

Pastor Ken Silva is founder of Apprising Ministries, which states as its purpose, “to provide sound reasons to believe in Jesus, the Christ as well as to defend the faith once delivered unto the saints from enemy attacks within the Church and from without.” Ken’s ministry seeks to aid local churches to be faithful to sound doctrine and to contend for the faith. Ken is author of a number of articles critiquing many of the disturbing trends of the modern church. The articles are posted at http://apprising.org/. Ken also contributes columns at Christian World Network and is editor of the Christian Research Network.

Free speech is increasingly being threatened on the Internet, as the exploding number of blog sites that provide an outlet for opinions and interaction with readers has caused some to try to silence those with whom they disagree.

Traditionally, blog sites that invite comments often create a lively exchange that if not administered properly, can get out of hand, in language, innuendo, and even vicious attacks. Many blogs allow this to continue, while others try to maintain more civility.

But in this case, the response by one individual, Richard Abanes, who is a strong supporter of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven ministry, took the battle to a whole new level. Instead of simply stating his disagreement with statements by Ken Silva, he accused him of slander in an article written by Ken three years ago. Wiithout trying to work directly with Ken Silva, Abanes contacted the hosting company to demand that the article be removed. The web host, IPower, sent Ken an email demanding that the article be taken down within 48 hours or his site would be taken down. Due to the troubling precedent this sets in the blog world, this incident has also become a hot topic of conversation online.

Free speech is coming under increasing attack, and the “Wild West” environment of the Internet is now becoming the target of those would would want to control it–from individuals, to government regulators. Many more details are included in this program.

http://apprising.org/ is now back online, and is a good place to start to learn what Ken Silva is all about, and what has been happening to him and his site.

What’s Up, Ray Comfort?

Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort

Ken Silva at Apprising Ministries and Ingrid Schlueter at Slice of Laodicea disagree with Ray’s practice of participating in some conferences where he will be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with health and wealth heretics on the same stage. The more surprising thing is that this is not the first time that Ray has done this.

Having observed Ray’s ministry, I can say without much doubt that I know that he will strive to preach the Gospel as it is without hesitation. However, the issue here is not whether he will preach the Gospel, but whether Ray, whose radio show has on many occasions decried the practices of such heretics and their errant doctrines, should be seen to be in league with these heretics by his participation in such conferences.

I’m of two minds on this issue, not because I respect Ray and therefore am hesitant to point out that he’s wrong if it were indeed so, but because I think there are questions to be answered:

  1. Should Ray be seen to be associated with such WoF heretics though we have faith in his motivation to preach the Gospel at such conferences?
  2. Will such an approach, i.e. preaching the true Gospel in a heretical conference, be effective?
  3. Or is this a case where we can bring up the fact that though Jesus dined with sinners, he didn’t partake of their sinful ways but spoke His truth to them?

Thankfully, Ray has decided to respond openly to Ingrid here.

Having now read both sides of the story, I’d like to ask what your take on this is.