What is New Covenant Theology?

New Covenant Theology is not new theology about the covenants; it is theology about the New Covenant.

In this podcast, I was interviewed for the purpose of explaining what New Covenant Theology is to a brother who is exploring it to see if it aligns with Scripture.

Give it a listen, here.


Cross Encounters Radio Addresses the False Teachings of Bethel “Church”

Kris VallotonOn Cross Encounters Radio, we have been setting up special broadcasts to address the false teachings of the Bethel “church” in Redding, California. Today, Tony Miano took to task the false gospel statements of senior associate pastor Chris Valloton. I highly recommend you check out the article Tony wrote in association with this broadcast, both of which can be found below:

“This article is the second in an ongoing series of articles looking at the false teaching and false practices of Bethel Church, in Redding, CA. In this article I will address the false gospel of false prophet and teacher, Kris Vallotton, Senior Associate Pastor at Bethel Church.

Here is Vallotton’s biography, posted on the Bethel Church website:
“Kris Vallotton is a noted prophetic voice in Northern California, and has trained prophetic teams in this region. He is a sought after speaker with a vision for equipping an “Elijah generation” for the end-time harvest. Kathy’s practical wisdom and prophetic insight combine to give her a unique and profound ministry as both an instructor and the school’s administrator. Kathy is also an anointed worship leader,assisting with the training of the worship teams at the school. Both Kris and his wife Kathy have a vision to raise up a company of warriors to impact this generation for Christ. Their goal is to see the fulfillment of Isaiah 61 with their own eyes. This prophecy begins with individual people getting delivered and healed–it ends with the ruined cities being restored. Kris says it is time for the fire of God to burn up His enemies and warm the hearts of the lost. This mandate has become their mission. God has instructed them to gather together warriors with like hearts, then train and equip them, and send them into the Harvest. Holy Spirit fortifications must be established in the midst of the darkest places of the planet earth. Kris is currently Senior Associate Pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California and Kris and his wife Kathy are Overseers at Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry. They have four children and five grandchildren.”

Read the article here: Bethel Church: The False Gospel of Kris Vallotton

“Homeschooling From a Biblical Worldview” with Israel Wayne

20130829-084823.jpgOn August 25, 2013, I had the privilege to interview noted homeschool speaker and author, Israel Wayne. He is an outspoken proponent for the homeschool movement and teaches Christians that home education should be considered an extension of our God given parental duties. Mr. Wayne also states that homeschooling should not be done so that we can produce smarter and more conservative minded children than their government school counterparts. Rather, homeschooling should be done for the express purpose of cultivating a biblical worldview in our children, leading them to the blood stained cross of Jesus Christ and bringing God the glory He is due. Our interview was aired during the Cross Encounters Radio program and can also be heard at Sermon Audio by clicking on the link below. I pray you take the time to listen to this interview. Whether you are just considering homeschooling or you are an experienced pro, I believe Israel Wayne’s insights will be a blessing to you.


Super Sermon Silliness

20121217-090805.jpgThis week I was blessed to fill in as host for Cross Encounters Radio once again. My guest was Andrew Rappaport of Striving for Eternity Ministries. During the first hour we discussed Andrew’s ministry and the work they do to equip Christians in areas of evangelism, hermeneutics and systematic theology. I highly recommend our readers to go the ministry site and take advantage of the resources available. In the second hour, Andrew and I had a lengthy discussion about the current effort from Hollywood to market the film “Man of Steel” to churches around the country as sermon material. Unfortunately, churches in America have been making a practice of using popular cultural icons as a means of drawing “unchurched” people into the pews. Now Hollywood sees an opportunity to make a profit off of this silly, unbiblical and even blasphemous practice. Please download the podcast and listen to the discussion that we had on this issue. I pray it is edifying and a blessing to you.

Cross Encounters Radio: Andrew Rappaport of Jersey Fire

Cross Encounters Radio: How Can a Person Know They are Saved?

20121217-090608.jpg I was blessed to be able to sit in as host to Cross Encounters Radio this week. In preparation for the show, we had asked listeners to let us know what topics they would like to hear discussed. One topic came up repeatedly, how can a person know they are truly saved, and conversely, what are the marks of a false convert. I pray that this discussion during the first hour of the show brings glory to God and is edifying to the saints. If you do find it is blessing, would you consider sharing this with others, for I believe this is a vitally important topic for Christians to understand. Thank you.


Albert Mohler on the false health & wealth gospel.

Prosperity Heresy

Albert Mohler discusses on his audio blog and radio show the false gospel of health and wealth, and those who preach this false gospel (e.g. Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Hagin, etc.) stemming from this New York Times article.

They’re worth a listen.

Audio blog (5 minutes):

It Promises Far Too Little – The False Gospel of Prosperity Theology

Radio show (38 minutes):

The Gospel and Wordly Wealth – The Myth of the Prosperity Gospel

Here’s a slideshow from the latest pulpit pimping extravaganza put on by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.

CrossTalk: Death of the grown-up.

Ingrid covers the arrested development plaguing many Westerners in this CrossTalk episode: Death of the Grown-up.

This edition of Crosstalk begins with Ingrid’s review of Diana West’s book, The Death of the Grown-Up: How America’s Arrested Development is Bringing Down Western Civilization.

Do you remember a time when kids wanted to grow up to be like their father or mother? Unless you are a certain age or older, you may not even notice the shift that has taken place whereby American adult men and women, many in the church as well, often look and act like “teenagers.”

The highlight of this program is caller discussion that focuses on this idolatry of adolescent immaturity, and how we can get beyond that and raise children properly toward Christian adulthood.

Should Christians take their children out of the public schools?

Albert Mohler visited the question Should Christians take their children out of the public schools? on this radio broadcast. This podcast also features a brief interview with Voddie Baucham on the issue.

The White Horse Inn: “What Does It Mean To Worship?”

This episode of the White Horse Inn is a perfect cap for the Desert Pastor’s series on music in worship (see part one of his ten-part series here). This podcast, What Does it Mean to Worship, deals with the purpose of Christian worship and the issue of music in our worship services.

Why do we go to Church? What is the purpose of worship? Are we there to serve God, or to be served? These questions and more will be discussed on this edition of the White Horse Inn with special guest Harold Senkbeil, author of Dying to Live and Sanctification: Christ in Action.

The White Horse Inn: “The Glory Story.”

This episode of the White Horse Inn is entitled The Glory Story.

On this edition of the White Horse Inn the hosts discuss the influence of both Pelagianism and Gnosticism in the American religious landscape. And the net result is what they refer to as “the Glory Story.” In contrast to the theology of glory, however, the hosts make a case for recovering a clear understanding of the “theology of the cross.”

Here’s a sample exchange between the hosts from this episode:

Kim Riddlebarger: There’s nothing more embarrassing than a reformation preacher attempting to be relevant.

Mike Horton: We’re going to bring Him down . . . wait a second, wait a second hot shot, He came down and He comes down if you would just explain and expound the passages.

Kim Riddlebarger: Preach the text and get out of the way and let the text do its work.

Michael Horton: That is so relieving.

Ken Jones: It is, you know you don’t have to try to measure yourself against what’s going on down the street or what people are used to on religious television. Make the announcement and trust that the same God who made this Word clear to you will, by His Spirit, illumine the hearts of your hearers to recognize and receive the Savior.

Defending Contending post featured on Way of the Master Radio.

Todd Friel of Way of the Master Radio read a portion of How Do You Read Romans 1:16? on air on Wednesday, August 6th.

Sadly, he failed to make any mention of where it was from, but it was still great to hear him read it anyway.

For those interested in listening to it, click here. It starts around 4:26 into the broadcast.

Crosstalk: Ken Silva on Richard Abanes.

On this CrossTalk episode, Free Speech for Bloggers, Ingrid interviews Ken Silva on the Richard Abanes controversy.

From Crosstalk’s show description:

Pastor Ken Silva is founder of Apprising Ministries, which states as its purpose, “to provide sound reasons to believe in Jesus, the Christ as well as to defend the faith once delivered unto the saints from enemy attacks within the Church and from without.” Ken’s ministry seeks to aid local churches to be faithful to sound doctrine and to contend for the faith. Ken is author of a number of articles critiquing many of the disturbing trends of the modern church. The articles are posted at http://apprising.org/. Ken also contributes columns at Christian World Network and is editor of the Christian Research Network.

Free speech is increasingly being threatened on the Internet, as the exploding number of blog sites that provide an outlet for opinions and interaction with readers has caused some to try to silence those with whom they disagree.

Traditionally, blog sites that invite comments often create a lively exchange that if not administered properly, can get out of hand, in language, innuendo, and even vicious attacks. Many blogs allow this to continue, while others try to maintain more civility.

But in this case, the response by one individual, Richard Abanes, who is a strong supporter of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven ministry, took the battle to a whole new level. Instead of simply stating his disagreement with statements by Ken Silva, he accused him of slander in an article written by Ken three years ago. Wiithout trying to work directly with Ken Silva, Abanes contacted the hosting company to demand that the article be removed. The web host, IPower, sent Ken an email demanding that the article be taken down within 48 hours or his site would be taken down. Due to the troubling precedent this sets in the blog world, this incident has also become a hot topic of conversation online.

Free speech is coming under increasing attack, and the “Wild West” environment of the Internet is now becoming the target of those would would want to control it–from individuals, to government regulators. Many more details are included in this program.

http://apprising.org/ is now back online, and is a good place to start to learn what Ken Silva is all about, and what has been happening to him and his site.

The White Horse Inn: American Pelagianism.

On this edition of The White Horse Inn the hosts discuss the topic of American Pelagianism.

Why have the doctrines of grace been so difficult to take root in the American soil? What is it about the way we think and act as a people that makes Pelagianism so common, if not our very “default setting?” On this edition of the White Horse Inn, the hosts will continue their discussion of Pelagianism, with a particular focus on its influence in American religion and practice.

The Crosstalk episode you’ve all been waiting for on Ray Comfort and the Word of Faith conference.

The CrossTalk episode you’ve all been waiting for on Ray Comfort, Word of Faith False Teachings, is here!

Ingrid spends a good portion of the show discussing the night she attended this gathering of wolves in Armani suits in which John Avenzini spoke about his new doctrine of “reverse entrapment” that “God” just revealed to him. He also passed out lucky, talking, rubbing stones that will get you through tough times. In order for these stones to work, however, they have to be activated with a $500 or more “seed” donation to his “ministry.”

Only the most selfish individuals, seasoned with the charismatic foolishness of Word of Faith, and who are suffer from astounding amounts of Biblical illiteracy, will pay an already boastfully wealthy man $500 or more for a rock.

Ingrid also discusses the Ray Comfort issue and reads a short letter she received from him. I am certain this will only continue the controversy and cause battle lines to be drawn. But in the war on Truth, the battle lines must be clearly distinguished!

I am interested in getting the audio (or video) of Ray Comfort’s two sermons at this heresy-fest. If anyone knows where I can obtain them, please provide a link. I have not weighed in on this issue on DefCon yet, but I am beginning to lean toward Ingrid’s side on this.

The White Horse Inn: The Gospel According to Pelagius.

On this edition of The White Horse Inn the hosts discuss The Gospel According to Pelagius.

“Who was Pelagius and what did he teach about sin, grace and the gospel? Why have his views stayed with us through the centuries? On this edition of the White Horse Inn the hosts will discuss the history and influence of Pelagianism, as they continue their series Christless Christianity.”

The White Horse Inn: Using God – The Gospel of Pragmatism.

The hosts discuss the topic of Using God: The Gospel of Pragmatism on yet another great episode of The White Horse Inn.

Why do so many sermons and Bible Studies focus almost entirely on “practical” application? Is a particular belief true simply because it works for you? On this edition of the White Horse Inn, the hosts take a look at the philosophy of Pragmatism and its effects on contemporary Christian thought and practice.

Crosstalk: Watch Your Mouth!

Professing Christians with potty mouths and gutter mentalities is one thing, but what happens when it’s a pastor?

On this edition of Crosstalk entitled Watch Your Mouth, Ingrid Schlueter and guest Cathy Mickels discuss this awful trend of worldly humor, coarse jesting, and crude language in the church and spewing from the mouths of those like Mark Driscoll.

Ingrid also discusses the shocking post from Chris Roseborough of A Little Leaven in which he has a post on his other blog Extreme Theology which is less than appropriate. The post in question contains a quote from Bill Cosby that the nature of which should not be found on a Christian blog. Chris’ lapse in judgment is still up on his blog here. I agree with Ingrid on this one Chris, it is highly inappropriate and should be removed.

Ingrid also discusses the twisted love affair some professing Christians have with the world and its profane, vulgar, God-hating entertainers. She addresses a supposed Christian blog that flowingly lavished the late George Carlin with undeserved accolades. Something you’d expect from the world, not Christians who are called to be separate from the world.

I have seen this blog in question and was appalled at the plethora of so-called Christians who honor a man whose life was the antithesis of all that is good, holy, and honorable in God’s sight. You can check out the drivel here and read Ingrid’s post on it here.

All in all, I agree 100% with Ingrid and her guest on this issue. It’s a sad testament to the current state of the bloated, lethargic, worldly, adolescent, social-club that is the church-of-me.

********** Update July 17, 2008 **********

Since the publishing of this post, Chris Roseborough has removed the profanity from his blog and replaced it with “jerk.”

Crosstalk interviews Justin Peters on the heretical Word of Faith movement.

Ingrid Schlueter (of Slice of Laodicea and Hope in Laodicea) hosts this edition of Crosstalk. Her guest is Justin Peters (of JustinPeters.org) and they discuss the heresy of the Word of Faith movement.

In this episode, A Call For Discernment – Exposing the Word-Faith Movement, audio clips from Benny Hinn, Gloria Copeland, and Creflo Dollar are examined. They also discuss Todd Bentley.

Crosstalk: The State of the Church in Light of Cultural Collapse.

Ingrid Schlueter (of Slice of Laodicea and Hope in Laodicea) hosts this edition of Crosstalk entitled: The State of the Church in Light of Cultural Collapse.

While the culture comes crashing down around us and California legalizes gay marriage, Ingrid takes this broadcast time to discusses the utter failure of the Church in stemming the tide of the moral filth that has risen to our noses and is sure to drown us soon.