Albert Mohler on the false health & wealth gospel.

Prosperity Heresy

Albert Mohler discusses on his audio blog and radio show the false gospel of health and wealth, and those who preach this false gospel (e.g. Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Hagin, etc.) stemming from this New York Times article.

They’re worth a listen.

Audio blog (5 minutes):

It Promises Far Too Little – The False Gospel of Prosperity Theology

Radio show (38 minutes):

The Gospel and Wordly Wealth – The Myth of the Prosperity Gospel

Here’s a slideshow from the latest pulpit pimping extravaganza put on by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.

2 thoughts on “Albert Mohler on the false health & wealth gospel.

  1. This Prosperity Pimps make me sick.
    Twisting scripture unto their own destruction and making the Gospel into some cheap product to swindle people out of their money.


  2. How I have been raked over the coals for standing against these (very well put) pimps. ChurchSalt said something very clever and on the mark one day, “If these prosperity preachers believe what they teach, then how come they don’t give $1000 bills out to everyone in their congregation? Then all that money would come back 100 fold.”


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