Albert Mohler on the false health & wealth gospel.

Prosperity Heresy

Albert Mohler discusses on his audio blog and radio show the false gospel of health and wealth, and those who preach this false gospel (e.g. Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Hagin, etc.) stemming from this New York Times article.

They’re worth a listen.

Audio blog (5 minutes):

It Promises Far Too Little – The False Gospel of Prosperity Theology

Radio show (38 minutes):

The Gospel and Wordly Wealth – The Myth of the Prosperity Gospel

Here’s a slideshow from the latest pulpit pimping extravaganza put on by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.

Joel Osteen on “The Abundant Life”

Because, you know, you’re not living a full Christian life if you have bills to pay or you’re sick. More useless drivel from a man who has admitted he’s “not a preacher, but more of a life coach.” He needs to step down out of that pulpit and concentrate on his number one passion: selling books. If he can’t preach the whole counsel of God, he doesn’t need to be claiming to preach any of it.

You know what the most absurd part of this surreal experience is? He even manages to take a passage from the abomination known as “The Message” and make it even more unfathomable than the original (You’ll hear him quote from Ephesians 1:4 (MSG), in a way that has never been heard before by human ears. If it wasn’t so sad it would be hilarious).

Tickling ears is big business . . . and business is good. is reporting in this article that megachurch ear-tickler Joel Osteen, aka “Reverend Feelgood,” and his wife Victoria (whose new book Love Your Life which is in direct contradiction to Jesus’ command not to love your life) are reportedly taking in $75 million dollars a year through their Lakewood church (not counting his $13 million dollar advance for his latest book). Here’s a quote from the article:

We are a nation stumbling through our worst financial crisis in a generation and our worst housing market in a lifetime. And so we come, seeking gentle salvation, inspiring prayers, steadying words, soothing notions, and calming thoughts that will allow us to become, in Joel Osteen’s words, “victors, not victims.”

And is reporting that the prosperity “gospel” may have actually contributed to the current economic crisis. Read their article here.

Exposing Kenneth Copeland’s doctrines of demons.

This is a fantastic video comparing the truth of Scripture with that of Kenneth Copeland’s false teachings spawned from the abyss of Satan. If you want to view the complete video (about 7 minutes longer than the one below) you can find it here.

The White Horse Inn: Joel Osteen – A Case Study in American Religion.

On this episode of The White Horse Inn, the guys discuss Joel Osteen – A Case Study in American Religion. Here’s the details:

Why is Joel Osteen so popular? Is he a faithful representative of the Christian faith, or is his message more about self-help and personal motivation? On this edition of the White Horse Inn, the hosts will examine the theology of this bestselling author as they continue their series “Christless Christianity.”