Quotes (587)

Stephen Charnock A man may be theologically knowing and spiritually ignorant. . . . A man may be excellent in the grammar of Scripture, yet not understand the spiritual sense of it. . . . The highest rational knowledge of God cannot profit without the knowledge of faith. . . . It can be of no more advantage to us than it was to the Jews knowing Him, or to Judas living with Him. In the Scriptures, Christians are not called knowing persons, but believers.

– Stephen Charnock

1628 – 1680

3 thoughts on “Quotes (587)

  1. Hence the instruction in Scripture for elders and deacons to be “blameless”, walking in the Truth, as evidenced in their families, else they are not qualified for the office(s).

    Praise God for faithful men who humbly walk with the Lord as their first priority, and boldly preach the Scriptures.


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