Bud ‘n Bubba: Redneck Jesus Freaks.

Rednecks for JesusI can’t make this stuff up. First there was the Cotton Patch Gospel, now this.

In a world where everyone feels they have the license to contextualize the gospel message as they see fit, we have all sorts of “ministries” out there pushing all sorts of “Christianity.” For some reason we refuse to believe that the sovereign Creator of the universe is still capable of saving His elect with that old gospel of 2,000 years ago. We feel that we must help God out by doctoring up the gospel to make it “relevant.”

Truth be told, we simply don’t trust that He is capable of saving His elect, that the gospel itself has the power to save, and that God alone is the one who does the saving.

So we end up doing it our way, (because we think we’re so much better at it than God). Thus we have a gospel message contextualized for the hip hop/urban crowd, the sports-nut crowd, the Gothic crowd, the teen crowd, the punk rock crowd, the biker crowd, and the list goes on and on. Now we have a gospel for the redneck crowd.

Meet Bud ‘n Bubba; self-described redneck Jesus freaks.

Bud 'n Bubba

Bud ‘n Bubba are a couple of good ‘ole southern, God-fearin’, America lovin’ boys that love to make people laugh. Some folks call ‘em REDNECKS. Hailing from Booger Holler, these guys travel the south in their official “touring vehicle” (ok, it’s a travel trailer) and share their unique brand of humor with any unsuspecting audience they can pin down.

These guys are also on Facebook (here) and they even have a fan club whose only requirement is that you pledge that you love the Lord, your family, and your country, and, like Christ, you’re willing to lay your life down for all three.

I wish this was just another mockery by the world, but it’s not. It’s just another mockery by the professing church who thinks their strange fire is acceptable to God.

Bud ‘n Bubba’s ministry is explained on their website:

The ministry of Bud ‘n Bubba exists to provide some fun, family-friendly entertainment that is appropriate for all ages, and to combine this silliness with the message of Jesus Christ.  Through music and comedy, this pair of Redneck Jesus Freaks will entertain you with their own brand of insanity.

Combining ministry and entertainment? Combining redneck silliness with the message of Jesus Christ?

Oh, how we have lost the understanding of what it means to suffer as Christians. As countless brethren are persecuted around the world, being beaten, tortured, and killed for the faith; as children grow up without parents (who have either been imprisoned or martyred for Jesus Christ), we in America just can’t be amused enough.

Today, Bud ‘n Bubba’s desire is reach out to as many people as possible and use the power of laughter to share the message of hope.

Since when did laughter ever save someone? Where is one example of laughter being the impetus of salvation? Where does conviction of sin, a broken spirit, and repentance factor in during all this laughter? What is so funny about our sin and what it cost for Jesus Christ to atone for our sin? And in such serious matters one also has to wonder what’s so funny about the consequence of those who reject Christ’s substitute for their sins.

And, although I couldn’t find even a cut-and-pasted generic doctrinal statement on their website, I did find their Redneck Jesus Freaks temporary tattoo for only $2.00.

Does not even the church take Jesus seriously anymore? American Christianity has become one big running joke. It’s been turned into a carnival and there’s plenty of rides to keep you busy and entertain you to death.

It’s a true sign of the spiritual state of the visible church when the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ simply isn’t enough, but instead we must be constantly amused. But can we blame these guys? They’re only providing what the biblically illiterate, doctrinally shallow, tares of the mile-wide, inch-deep church of America demand: “More entertainment, less gospel truth . . . and we want it now!”

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths. – 2 Timothy 4:3-4

8 thoughts on “Bud ‘n Bubba: Redneck Jesus Freaks.

  1. evil men and seducers wax worse and worse deceiving and being deceived (ref. 2 Timothy 3:13).

    The scary thing about people like this is that people are just spiritually naive enough to follow them and just ecumenical enough to consider them genuine.

    It might seem like a lot of fun and games, but what about the souls that are being deceived or distracted and for whom the real message of Christ is being distorted…


  2. Part of the post mentioned, “Through music and comedy, this pair of Redneck Jesus Freaks will entertain you with their own brand of insanity.” I wonder if they realize how close to the truth they are with this comment. It’s insanity to follow someone who doesn’t have the truth. If it’s just entertainment then they need to take the name of Jesus out of it and just call themselves rednecks!


  3. Maybe I’m missing something here, or haven’t grasped the total concept of Bud’n Bubba. But, what’s wrong with humor. You don’t think God has a sense of humor? If not, have you looked in the mirror or at your various friends? Look how the body of Christ has grown over the past number of years since we got away from our list of DONT’S and started teaching God’s grace, no matter how it’s done, if it’s done in the genuine Spririt of God.


  4. 1). I suppose that your remark about looking at myself or my friends was supposed to be funny. I’ll acquiesce.

    2). You said, “Look how the body of Christ has grown over the past number of years since we got away from our list of DONT’S and started teaching God’s grace, no matter how it’s done, if it’s done in the genuine Spririt of God.

    Are you tarnishing all the hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and lives laid down by those faithful saints of times past for this supposed reformation of “grace no matter how it’s done?” And everyone prior to the “past number of years” was only preaching “DONT’S?”

    Have we stumbled upon a new grace conduit that somehow was overlooked for centuries since the time of Christ?

    And are “DONT’S” no longer needed to be heard? Has obedience, holiness, and sanctification given way to sloppy grace?

    3). Nothing’s wrong with humor within its proper context (e.g. you wouldn’t crack jokes with a family grieving over the loss of their child . . . would you?).

    4). I never said that God was void of a sense of humor . . . again, within proper context.

    Perhaps you can show me which of the following (all of which are intertwined with grace) is “funny” or humorous”:

    – God’s holiness?
    – Your sin?
    – Death caused by sin?
    – An enemy who (described as a roaring lion seeking to devour you) never sleeps in his relentless pursuit to drag your soul to Hell?
    – Unparalleled conscious torment under the unrelenting wrath of God being poured out on sinners for all eternity?
    – A perfect, holy Savior sweating blood as he anguished over taking the sins of the world upon his shoulders (including mine)?
    – That same perfect and holy Lamb of God being mocked, spit upon, punched, flogged, nailed to a rugged cross, put on display for more mockery, and ultimately abandoned by God as the Father crushed Him and turned His face from His only Son due to the filth of my sin and yours defiling this precious Savior?
    – The countless martyrs who have been tortured and killed for the cause of Christ and His gospel for the last 2,000 years?

    Perhaps if you can find the “humor” in any that, then perhaps I’ll understand your argument a little better.


  5. You are really a #1 nut job aren’t you? I promise this will be my last post here because your main problem is you are a disgruntled human being because you aren’t the martyr you think you deserve to be, or are trying to be. I grew up in church with a list of don’ts preached from the pulpit and it had nothing to do with denomination. All churches were that way at one point. There was nothing said about what you could do (be happy for one) and remain in God’s grace, it was only doom and gloom if you sinned. I was a 9yr old scared to go to sleep at night for fear of whether I would go to Heaven or Hell. What kind of God’s grace was being taught to cause that? and it wasn’t in the home..,,,,it was from the pulpit. When were you appointed as God’s #1 Fruit Inspector in Chief? I have one more piece of advice for you, then I’m through. As Dolly Parton said in her movie, “Straight Talk,”.,,,,,,”Come down off the cross honey, somebody else needs the wood.”


  6. Don’t thoughtfully respond to any of my points, just call me names and hurl insults? Wow.

    And what exactly was it in my comment that qualifies me as a “nut job?”

    And where’s that grace you were talking about?


  7. I remember the words of 1 Corinthians 9. . . . verse 22. . . “To the weak I became as the weak that I might gain the weak, I have become ALL things to ALL men that some might be saved”. . . . with that said, if these people are able to reach one person for Jesus Christ, then that is more than 95% of Christians reach in their lifetime. By the way, if you look at the people Jesus hung out with, the Disciples, from Galilee. . . they were the Rednecks of Biblical Times.


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